August Goals Check-in

OK, I’m not gonna whine about how fast the summer has flown by – because I know I’m a lucky lady, to get these summer months off.

But…..waaaaaaaahhhhh! (that’s me crying…not whining…) I don’t want it to end!


As always, when I’m feeling down, I need to take a look at my list and see where things are!

August Goals

Dyeing 102 Sessions 6-8 August 31  40%
Patio Class with Meena and family August 25  0%
Finish Shades, Tints and Tones quilt August 31  100%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs August 31  0%
Work on Shaun’s new site August 31  5%
Work on Adele’s new site August 31  15%
Studio Tour Postcard August 31  0%
New pattern prep for tablet cover class August 31  0%
Bag for Mary – finally started! August 31  10%
Continue working on Aida’s website August 31 30%
Make a plan for Fall Shows August 31  25%

Ummm, not a lot of progress. Well, there was a lot of work in that 0% going to 40% for Dyeing 102. Holy Guacamole, session 6 had 2 hours of videos! That’s a lot of taping and editing! I’ve started session 7, and hope to have it done by the end of this week, but I’ve got to start spending some time on some of the other lines on that list.

I’ve added lots of to-dos as well (in green): another patio class to teach this weekend to the list, and hey! I finished this Shades, Tints and Tones quilt, and that wasn’t on my list at the beginning of August!

I love it! It’s truly functional art, because it’s a chart that I can use to calculate how to dye a particular color…but it also just hangs there looking pretty!

Also, another website to design and a postcard for this December’s Studio Tour as well. Sigh, it’s never ending.

Look at the pretty indigo shibori scarf…all is a little bit better…

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