Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 6 | Stairs Just About Done!

Our huge home reno project is just about done! Hubby got the hardwood done on all the stairs, and the trim is just about all up. We’ve got to add corner trim under the last step, there are lots of nail holes to fill, we’ve got to caulk the trim and add a finish coat to the stringers and baseboard, but by golly, it looks good!

My studio has very little wall space (except for my work wall), and I’ve hated not being able to have my Candiotic Table of Elemental Color and other color palettes out where I can see and use them. So I’ve decided to take over the hall!

There’s not a ton of wall space in the hall either – so we’ve strung some wire close to the ceiling down the hall and I hung the Candiotic Table on clip rings in front of the linen closet, so when I need to get into the closet, I can slide the table down the wire (covering the bathroom door for a bit).

This Shades, Tints and Tones chart (from my naturals primaries) is the first of four I’m going to make. I’ve hung it by grommets so I can pull it down to use it easily.

Yes, coming down these stairs is awesome!

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  1. Wow that looks good! We’ve got a bedroom to re-floor so seeing your floors is very inspiring. Your hubby does great work, I don’t suppose you’d consider sending him my way? 😉