Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 5 | Bedroom Just About Done!

Once hubby got the new moldings put in, I’ve put back all the furniture I want to have in the bedroom. Although the molding still needs to be caulked and the nail holes filled in, this room is looking close to done!!! Come inside and see!!!

The bedroom has been a hodge podge of furniture, a combination of beloved pieces that have lots of sentimental meaning but aren’t very practical in a house with 2 boys and a dog, and random old furniture that filled a storage function but was junk. Well, I have decreed no junk in this bedroom! So I’ll be on the lookout for a piece or two that can help store pictures pre-digital age and books.

I used to have a hall tree behind the lefthand door, so it never opened. Now that I have this beautiful floor, I totally enjoy showing it off and having our bedroom be wide open to the upstairs. We’ve also noticed that the house has been cooler, perhaps because of this! Straight ahead is a quilt rack Hubby made for me back in Kentucky, so about 15-16 years ago. On it is the quilt I made for him the Christmas we were engaged. (It’s an Amish block called wedding ring).

When you walk into the room, there’s our bed on the right. I love this bed! It’s maple with cherry panels. 20 years ago, when we were first married and living in Chicago-land, we did lots of window shopping. Andrew’s parent’s were looking for a new bed, but living in Logansport, IN, they didn’t have a lot of options. One day in Crate and Barrel we saw this bed and fell in love. We had the salesperson take a polaroid and sent it to them, thinking that they might love it as much as we did. They didn’t buy it for themselves, but a few months later, they tell us that this was our wedding present! Oh happy day! It shall be our bed forever! That was an awesome thing about his folks…when they gave a gift, it was the RIGHT one. It may take awhile to figure out what it is, but when it is, well, make it happen. (Isn’t that an awesome philosophy???)

That blanket chest is a pine piece Andrew made and I painted that first year living in Chicago. Small table saw on patio in an apartment complex, that was us!  The small pine rocker next to it was my paternal grandmother’s. It’s too small to really sit in, but it has a beautiful shape, that seat is a huge piece of pine all carved curvy!

There’s the hall tree that used to be behind one half of our door. It came from a hospital Andrew’s Dad worked in for several years (St. Mary’s in Logansport, I believe), right before they tore it down. Dick hung on to it, although it was in the garage for years. When they asked us if we wanted it when we were furnishing our first apartment, I was happy to say yes! It wasn’t very functional in a front hall to hold coats, as it doesn’t hold very many. But it’s great for bathrobes and pj’s!

This rocking chair is also an antique. Andrew’s Mom bought it to nurse and feed him in (he’s the youngest of five). He was her last child, and she wanted to be comfortable! Because of this, she always referred to it as his, and again, when they asked if we wanted it in our first place, YES!

I finished those curtains yesterday. I dyed them a dusty purple and used grommets and they work AWESOMELY! Why did I wait 8 years to make these?? Because, the room had that ugly carpet and I just didn’t want to spend that much energy on it!

Oh, and I mentioned this before – those side tables and lamps are both cherry/maple combinations Andrew made to match the bed. He did this in Kentucky, after spending a few years acquiring better tools and more woodworking skills. (His best pieces were wedding gifts…I don’t think I’ve got pix of them…will have to fix that!)

That gateleg table my Mom bought a gazillion years ago in Vermont (it was probably “aged” to look antique…but it’s an antique now because she bought it 45 years ago, LOL!) She gave it to me when I moved out on my own, I just love it, it has so much character. It’s not very useful when the table is folded out, but as it is, it works great. It’s holding a set of Shaker boxes Andrew’s sister gave to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, as well as a wooden sewing box that was my paternal grandmother’s.

You may have noticed that Stirling is in almost all of the shots. Andrew was working on the stairs (2 down, 11 to go…), so although it was slow going, there was still the occasional sound of the compressor. The construction is stressing him out, he follows me around everywhere!!!

And that is all that is in the room! (The other wall has 2 long sliding doors and reach in closets, where all our clothes fit. (That white sliding door goes to the master bath.) I definitely need some book/photo storage, but that ugly plywood armoire is NOT coming back in here! I also need to tweak/add artwork. But I am in no hurry, I’ll wait for the right thing to present itself. Every other piece of furniture in this room means so much, any addition has to be just right.  And as the hubby says “I spent all this time laying down this awesome floor, I don’t want to cover it up with stuff!) AMEN!

You may remember, I was totally stressed about changing from the bamboo of the other bedrooms to the cherry – what do you think??? Is the change in floor color distracting? Or is the beauty of the cherry more distracting???

5 Responses

  1. I LOVE it! It looks so simple yet elegant. I love wood flooring- we’re still in the ugly carpet stage… but I’m thankful to have flooring and a house of any kind :)You guys have done a wonderful job!

  2. What a fun tour of a very private space – thank you. Please tell Andrew and his helpers it looks fantastic and they can be very proud. I was busy looking at the floor and the room I didn’t even notice the change of flooring till you pointed it out!

  3. The floor looks beautiful! No, I don’t think the change between the bamboo and cherry is distracting. It all looks quite wonderful and I’m green with envy. 🙂

  4. Candy, the floors look absolutely stunning! What a great job you and your hubby have done. I can’t wait to see the stairs. It has to feel magnificent in SO many ways. Congratulations!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland