Snapshots from the Studio | The Simplicity of Indigo

I’ve been working on the Indigo lesson for my Controlling Texture online class – although it’s a class about fiber reactive dyes, unlike Procion MX dyebaths, a single indigo vat can last for weeks. So as I continue on with the class, I’ll be able to compare a particular resist technique done LWI (which is how I usually dye) and full immersion (the Indigo vat) easily.

There is something magical about indigo – it comes out of the vat green, and turns blue before your eyes (although it’s simple redox chemistry, it’s still magical).

The intensity of the color is determined by the length and number of dips in the vat.

 The hummingbirds keep me company in my outdoor dye/photography studio!

I’ve strung a clothesline in the yard to hang swatches on, and all the birds love it!

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  1. You must take the Dyeing 102 class so that you can learn to do indigo, too. You won’t be disappointed!