Patio Dyeing Class

Last Saturday morning, I set up my patio with some extra tables and 6 ladies from the local chapter of  the American Sewing Guild came over and learned how to dye!

Each woman chose either one color from the Candiotic Table to make some tints of, or they picked 2 colors and made a gradation from one to the other.

We had an absolutely fantastic time!

Look at how much fun they’re having with their measurements!

After they made their gradations, we then made a couple of multicolor fabrics too. They learned how the waiting for the fabric to batch can be torture! What will the fabrics look like when they’ve batched, washed and dried???

Three of them were able to take pix and send them to me:

Everyone was happy with their fabrics, and they all can’t wait to dye again – HOORAY!

4 Responses

  1. I love the name “Candiotic Table” – very apt!

    They look like they’re having fun – I wish I could join you.