Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 3

Sunday morning, we got down to business! I picked up the floor nailer from Home Depot while Andrew snapped some chalk lines to figure out what was straight and how we should nail it down. Luckily, the way that made the most sense (and it was straight) was to start at the far side under the window and just go!

It was pretty scary, looking down the hall and seeing how much there was to do:

And so, we started just laying it down!

Both the kids were helpful, off and on. Logan also did a fair amount of clowning around and hiding:

By the time our bodies gave out, we’d done almost all of the bedroom and the hall, stopping right where Andrew’s going to have to do some really fussy stuff (he’s already done a bunch, but it gets worse in that triangle part where the stairs curve away from the upper landing!


6 Responses

  1. Have been there/done that when I did Bren Rose’s floors in her house on the Lake… Tell me that Andrew’s arms, wrists, and knees weren’t aching at the end of the day!!! But don’t you feel “good” when you’re done though !!!

  2. What an improvement on the daggy carpet, my daughter and I did the same thing with our lounge and hallway, so much nicer and easier to keep clean, looking forward to your finished pics:-)

  3. The new floor is looking GREAT! I see that you did remove the baseboards before laying the floor. I think the finished project looks so much more professionally done when they are removed/replaced rather than just adding quarter round to them after the floor is placed.