Postcards from Lake Almanor | Friends from Reno

On our last day of vacation, two friends I’ve made through the blogosphere, Linda from Almodestuff and Angie of Angie Allen Illustration and Stationary came down from Reno with their kids (well, Linda’s oldest had to work…but 3 of the 4) for a visit. My family and Angie’s got to visit 2 years ago when we had a couple of days vacation in Lake Tahoe 2 summer’s ago, but Linda and I’ve never met face to face before (although I was a guest blogger for her with my “Ask Candy” series!)

We had a great time! We took them out on the boat for a tour of the lake:

The kids had a great time up in the bow of the boat!

We spent a few hours eating and talking and talking – it was great fun! It’s amazing how easy it was to relate in real life for hours at a time, rather than in tweets, facebook comments and emails!

Of course, I brought dyed presents for all, don’t these ladies look great?

Linda Demers and Angie Allen

The kids had a great time playing in the woods (mostly, Logan was a bit of a grumpy-puss at times…sigh…), it was a great visit, I was sad to see it end!

Gosh, what a great end to a wonderful vacation! I’m so glad we could meetup!

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