Postcards from Lake Almanor | Sunset Fishing

The day after all 3 of my guys got skunked in the fishing department, they had a fantastic catch! Andrew had figured out the best place (where the Hamilton branch outlet meets the the lake) and time (right before/during/after sunset). I took a bunch of pix, and had such a hard time deciding which ones to post, so I didn’t; I’m gonna share them all!!!!

First off, I was able to get some pix of one of the bald eagles that have a nest across from the cabin:

Stirling was an awesome boat dog, he loves the boat!

Logan then caught the first fish (a small mouth bass) of the evening:

It did a lot of flipping about!

As the sun sunk lower…

Logan caught a second bass…this one was really dinky!

Next, Liam caught a bass:

Both boys were definitely having fun, which is what hubby’s been hoping for, but everybody want to catch a BIIIIIG one! So the fishing continued as the light dwindled.

And then…Logan gets another bite!

And it’s a BIG bass!

19″ long, and 4.25 pounds!

But would Liam ever catch another fish? It was totally dark, we were just about back to the dock, when Liam got a snag that wasn’t a snag! What was it????

Andrew had NO idea what this fish was!!!

But whatever it is, it was BIG!

It was 24″ long, and 4.5 pounds!!!

We had to look this fish up the next day – it’s a really old species called a “Sacramento pikeminnow”.

It was a great evening fishing! Success!!

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  1. Such wonderful photos! I love Logan’s face where the fish is close to him. So funny!

    Is your husband from Chicago? He has all the right gear on! I lub the Cubs! 😉