Post Cards from Lake Almanor | Our View this Week

Hello! We’re all having a wonderful week decompressing, recharging, playing cards, reading books and fishing! Here are some pix of the views from our cabin, and all the awesome places to sit outside and enjoy being surrounded by the smell of pine trees, the sounds of birds, squirrels and the waterfall!


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    1. What a coincidence … I found your blog this afternoon via Piece n Quilt’s blog … And I live at Lake Almanor! But I am away for a few days with Grandma Duty. From the photos I think you are staying near Hamilton Branch, and we live across the lake on the West Shore. From your website it looks like you are from So. Calif. Hope you have a very nice vacation!

  1. Thanks All! We’re having a grand time.

    Jean – I tried to reply to you but your email address was entered wrong. Wow, that is an amazing coincidence! And you are right, we’re right on Hamilton Branch 2 docks in from the mouth! What a small world it is!

    Is there anything around here that’s a “don’t miss”? So far, I’ve been content to read on the deck or in the boat while hubby and the boys try to catch fish, only 1 actually landed so far. 🙁 So we’re going to be venturing out for other adventures soon…

    1. Me again! We have a nice little quilt store in Chester (Mtn Maid). Coming to town from Hamilton Branch, it will be on your left pretty quick … I think they have one of those sandwich boards out. Tell them Jean Martin sent you and take a look at this year’s Opportunity Quilt for our local guild.

      Also, we always take visitors to Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. There is a new Visitors Center and lots of smelly mud pots … just like Yellowstone. It is about 25 miles or so west of Chester on Hwy 36.

      I’m not sure why my iPad address isn’t working, but this will do!

      Again … HAVE FUN! Jean

      1. Ooh, great info, thanks so much Jean! We were definitely planning on visiting the national park, although my hubby still has flashbacks of me stopping to take photos of every single “thermal vent” in Yellowstone 3 years ago, LOL!

        I’ll definately check out your LQS, thanks!


  2. Oh my gosh this looks gorgeous– I’m totally jealous! It reminds me of when my family would spend weekends in Maine. I guess I’ve turned into more of a city girl, but I really miss that time in nature.