May Goals Check-in

I’ve got to add some new things to this month, some special dye orders came up, and some articles as well. I gotta get it all straight in my mind so I don’t go insane!

May Goals

Replenish Scarf inventory  May 11  100%
Replenish Wrap Skirts Inventory  May 11  100%
3 convertible totes for Spring Shows didn’t happen  May 11  0%
Birdie Nesting Baskets didn’t happen  May 11  0%
3 articles for Quilting Arts Gifts  May 18  20%
1st 2 guest posts for Quilting Daily  May 21 & 28  0%
Surface Explorations video/article  June 1  15%
Tie Dye Day with Logan’s Class  June 6  0%
2nd 2 guest posts for Quilting Daily  June 7  0%
Tamra Wild Rice (@8%) long wrap skirt  June 7  0%
Donna Ocean Surf Charmeuse Scarf  June 7  0%
Karen Charmeuse Stole special purple/black colors  June 7  0%
Robin cotton drawstring pants (Earth & Sky)  June 7  0%
Mr. Pena 2 XXL tees (Black Orchid and Earth/Sky)  June 7  0%
Finish up Dyeing 101 (with new toys!)  May 31  98%
Bag for Mary – finally started!  May 31  10%
 Start work on Dyeing 102
Spread the word about Dyeing 101 on other blogs  May 31  0%

OK, if I get the articles done this week, then all should be good. I told all the folks that wanted special order dyes that it would be June before I got to it, June 7 is the deadline because we’re going away on an actual vacation on the 8th! Well deserved by all of us!

And because no post is any good without a post, here’s a couple of pix of two of the things I’m writing articles for this week:

I will NOT write another blog post until those articles are done…so I’ll see you when they are! 😉

4 Responses

  1. I love that mantle cloth! And those little houses make me so happy. Good luck with the writing.