Art in the Park 2012

What awesome weather we had this weekend! It did get a little warm, but luckily (and because I arrived at 5:50 AM) I snagged a spot in the shade, so between that and the EZ-up I was never really hot! Hooray! Because I was there so early, I was able to take a few shots while folks were setting up, trying to get overviews of how pretty this park setting is:

I had my best art show buds close by too, this made it extra special, because we could chat when things were slow, get each other snacks (or my new-found obsession: peanutbutter frozen mochas!!!! Why has no-one ever told me how awesome these are???), and have bathroom breaks without worrying about our booth being unattended.

Lizzie was right next to me:

Adele was right next to her:

and Robin was right across from me:

and we were all in the shade! Hooray!

Saturday was a bit slow, but Sunday picked up and I had a decent amount of sales. Surprisingly, my Lilac color palette scarf was the most popular one, usually it doesn’t get that much attention! Here’s some shots of my booth – I love when I can have the sides rolled all the way up, even though a white backdrop makes for better display, I love being open to everybody!

(you can see a violet scarf in the very left of these pix above and below)

I dyed a bunch of new rayon skirts because I sold so many at Red Dirt two weeks ago, so of course I sold only one all weekend long!

I did get some special orders to add to my list, I’m gonna be a busy gal!

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  1. I LOVE those rayons skirts!! I’ll have to let Mema know……she can get me one for my birthday!!