Final Prep for Red Dirt Art Festival

Well, I finished off a lot of little things in the past couple of days. I didn’t get everything made on my list, but I did get lots done. Here are some quick snaps of what got finished in the past 3 days, so I have a record of what I did, as hopefully a lot of these won’t come back with me tomorrow night!

First off, I topped up my stock of iPad and Kindle sleeves, I only had a couple of each left:

Here they are all together:

Next up, I made a bunch of my mini-doodle size going green notebooks:

This Camelia notebook is my favorite:

Then, I made some zip wallets, these are always big hits at the shows:

And finally, late last night I finished up some zippered earbud cases, made with Erin Erickson’s awesome pattern:

OK, I’m now off to iron 50 scarves! If you’re in the Inland Empire tomorrow, make sure to stop by the show!

I’m not the only one who’s been finishing up lots of things! Check out these finishes over at Amy Lou Who!

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  1. Everything you’ve made is so beautiful!I love all the vibrant colors. I’m sure you’ll do great. I do have a question- do you use a stitch regulator when you do your quilting? I’m trying to learn to machine quilt and I’m having trouble with my stitches looking even. Thanks for sharing.