Candied Fabrics is Turning 6!

Well my goodness! I’m beginning my 6th year of business! My very first art show was Red Dirt Art Festival in April of 2007. This Saturday, April 28, is Red Dirt 2012, so I’m officially beginning year number 6 this weekend!

Here’s a shot of my setup at my very first Red Dirt:

And here’s a shot from last Fall’s Red Dirt:

To celebrate, I’ll be having a giveaway!

How do you enter?

In a little over two weeks time (May 14), I’ll choose two names:

  1. One from my newsletter subscribers (use the form in the sidebar if you’ve not already subscribed)
  2. Another from people who comment on this blog post. Color is so important to me – comment and let me know what your favorite color is!

What’s the prize?

Well, the winners will choose either one of my hand dyed habotai scarves, in the color palette of you choice, or a half yard of hand-dyed fabric, in one those scarf palettes.

I’ve had so many great experiences due to my adventures in art, and a lot of those come from interacting with folk either on my blog or at an art show, I’d like to say thanks to you all!


61 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary! You’ve really come a long way since that first show. It’s great to see the journey your art has taken over the years. And a giveaway! Well that’s just topping on the cake as far as I’m concerned. My favorite color has to been anything bright. Seeing a pop of color really brings a smile to my face. Thanks for taking the time to share your art with us.

  2. Your last fall’s Red Dirt display is so colorful and inviting. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to look through everything. My favorite color is turquoise especially when paired with another fun color like yellow or orange. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love purple, and red, and orange, and yellow, and green, and magenta – oops was I suppose to pick just one? 😉 There are so many lovely colors, how can I just pick one?

    Happy Anniversary and I hope the air stays nice and still during the festival!

  4. Congradulations Candy, you are such a talented artist. I just found you a couple of weeks ago through a TV program. I have enjoyed looking through your website and bought one of your patterns. You have inspired me to start dying fabrics again, thank you so much. Oh and my favorite color, it’s hard,,, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, oh you said one color. Sorry I just love color. Again thank you for the inspriation. Good luck to you.

  5. Happy Colorful Anniversary!! Your colors and textures are beautiful. Today I am in an Orange mood.

  6. You have come a long way. Your display looked fine before but it looks more even more colorific now! As far as color…I’m a sucker for jewel tones.

  7. Candy I love any fushia and burgandy as well as greens. I love your colors. Betty Ann

  8. Congratulations – how exciting for you to come so far! What color is my favorite – I just like COLOR! I love all the colors I see in “Last Fall’s Red Dirt” booth! But if I would pick the teal color I see in your display.

  9. Just a “shout-out” for Candy’s 101 Online Dyeing Course. (I see a link in the bar up near the top on the right side). I had some moderate dyeing experience others in the course have no experience. I have learned SO MUCH! I now use 1/3 the dye powder I was using, and with Candy’s online lessons (tons of photos, PDF’s to print out) – I have life-time access to a life-time of beautiful colors just waiting to be made. I cannot list all the great reasons to take her class. Here are only 4: (1)minimal “mess” technique, (2)easy-to-use dyeing recipes, (3)Multiple online videos in each lesson demonstrating techniques, and (4)learning how to see the color you want and replicate it time and again. I now have the recipes to make just over 1500 colors from 3 different “parent color” combinations – and the knowledge to take it as far as I want to with my experiments.

    You can make a simple color wheel or you can really get into it. If you have EVER thought of learning to dye, TAKE THIS DYING 101 CLASS!

  10. Candy, I love any fushia and burgundy’s as well as all greens. Your scarves are lovely. Betty Ann

  11. CONGRATULATIONS, Candy! WOW, six years….and look at all you have accomplished since that first little venture! Your creativity, imagination, skill and PASSION are amazing! And as far as I am concerned, your scarves are “to dye for!” I feel so “put together” when I wear them. Can’t wait to own the new one, Woodland Violet!

  12. Boy have you expanded your products…every one so pretty too.

    My color choice right now is leaning toward teal – but I change every few months. Thx for the nice giveaway.

  13. Congratulations!! I love all colors, but I seem to prefer neutral colors , that way it will go with anything. lol

  14. Congratulations! I liked seeing your first and most recent set-ups at Red Dirt — it’s a great way to see just how far you’ve come, isn’t it?

    I love all colors but right now I’m smitten with leafy greens. If I were to pick a scarf I’d go with the cool blue/purple/green colors. Thank you so much for the chance to win one.

  15. Your work is beautiful !
    Love all the color….but I have a special love of the
    cool colors… your purple / blue mix.

    Happy anniversary !

  16. So little time and yet you have accomplished so very much. I would be honored to win and wear one of your scarves.

  17. Wish that I could attend one of your shows. Do you ever come to New Mexico? Love your colors/silk scarves -especially in the jewel tones!

  18. Congratulations! You have developed so much as an artist and business woman in that time! Thanks for sharing your joy with us and offering this giveaway. My favourite colour palette is anything green/blue/purple. I’m so drawn to those colours.

  19. WOW…..what a huge difference in your art show set ups! I have always loved your use of color. It makes me smile and brightens up any day. My favorite color is blue.

  20. I LOVE your color choices. I can’t wait to see what I win!!!
    Congrats on your first 5 years. May there be many more.

  21. Happy anniversary! May there be many more to come.

    I think you already know but my favourite colour is purple.

  22. Congratulations on 6 years!
    I was blog hopping and found your blog and love your mantle piece and the houses, beautiful pieces and colors. I love green, I guess I am drawn to nature colors, but I do love fun colors and making things for others.


  23. What a great selection of colours, the Woodland Violet is truly gorgeous, definitely my favorite. I love dying fabric but it always seems to fall off the list of things to do. I just have to make a present for…. Before I can do the exciting experimental stuff so it’s lovely to see what you do.
    Congratulations on beginning your 6th year in business!

    All the best wishes for the year!


  24. Congratulations on a big six years!!! I’ve only recently gotten into fabric dyeing and just had ten girls over for a “crafternoon,” but none turned out like your gorgeous work!

    My favorite color would have to be cerulean. I love it with blue-greys and silver!!!

  25. Wow…a lot of progress in 6 years. My favorite color is lime green but lately I have been in an orange and any shade of blue phase!

  26. Have a great show, the booth looks wonderful with all the colors! Congrats on your anniversary.

  27. Happy anniversary!!
    Hrm, favorite color is always hard for me. Every color has its place, how could I choose just one?! I will say that of the color combos you do, I find myself drawn to the analogous combos or those that are one or two colors plus a neutral. 🙂

  28. Happy 6 years!!! What a wonderful milestone. Your booth looks incredible! So much growth and beauty. Color, I too love them all. My latest creation has me in love with orange and turquoise right now. Congrats, Candy!

  29. I love all of your stuff Candy, I still use the bag I bought from you all the time. I love Greens and Purples and especially love them together.

  30. I am just so dang proud of you!! I remember poor Andrew having to slave away making those wooden boards for the first show and how cleverly designed they were, but it all looks so small scale and quaint compared to your set up now. Web site, online courses, is there no limit to your creative potential?? Well done – can’t wait to see what the next 6 years hold for you. And BTW, I don’t want the blue and purple scarf anymore when I win…I want the lavender and purple scarf! 😉 Love you lots!

  31. Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you for the chance to win one of your beautiful scarves. My favorite colors are jewel-tone, amethyst or emerald, or sapphire. All gorgeous!

  32. I’ll have to make a choice based on season so I’ll have to say I’ll love the blue into purple colorway. It reminds me of the cool tones of pansies and bluebells that are and will soon be in season. As always, lovely work!

  33. I love your fabrics and if I were to win, I’d choose one of them. Someday soon, I’m going to take one of your classes. It’s hard to wait! And by the way, congratulations!

  34. Congratulations on 6 years!!! Wow! I love seeing how your booth has evolved and grown. Best of luck at the show!

  35. What is my favorite color? Hard to say since I love them all. I particularly LOVE the your new colorway with the green & purple. Absolutely beautiful!

  36. my birthday gift to myself in 2 months is one of your classes. Your creations and fabric are simply exquisite.

    I love yellows and reds

  37. Congratulations on your growing success in the Art Quilting world! Color is also very important to me and I can honestly say I have never met one I didn’t like….

  38. My favorite colors are tropicals — mostly cool colors with an accent of warms.

  39. I love how you are able to get the most beautiful colors from the dyes. You do have the magic touch. I am in love with every color you develope whether it is a scarf, house, or hand-dyed piece of fabric. I too love color. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  40. Beautiful fabrics. Everything looks like lots of fun.
    Woodland Violet. Scrumptious.
    Congratulations on Candied fabrics turning 6.

  41. Congratulations !
    I LOVE that top combination…
    the fuschia / purple / charcoal…
    wow…that is very zingy !

  42. Greens, teals and blues are my all time favorites. Your work is lovely. I love reading your blogs. You really do beautiful things with fabric and dye.