Snapshots from the Studio | Decisions, Decisions…

I’ve been working on my Square Strata quilt, and I can’t quite decide which color to start with.



Cerulean Blue?


It really is a hard choice! I’m hoping that staring at these pictures side by side for a day or two will help!

What do YOU think?

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  1. For some reason, the fuschia one looks like it’s a more complicate “composition”. It reminds me of a landscape with the sun setting.
    What makes the darker line through all of them?

    1. I too am leaning towards that configuration (I’ve got a theory why…), but I love hearing what everyone else is thinking! 🙂

      That dark line (second square from the left) is the shade (black added) of the pure hue that is the 3rd square from the left.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  2. My favorite is the fuschia one, too. I hope it warms up here in NC this weekend so I can give this dyeing lesson a try.

  3. Candy, if you don’t choose the fuchsia one, I’ll give it a good home. 🙂 I’m just sayin’…. they are ALL gorgeous!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  4. i’m partial to yellow since it is my favorite color, the the fuschia one looks more balanced with darks at top and bottom.

  5. I like the fuchsia because it follows the typical ROYGBIV, but I also like the tangerine because it starts with the lightest color.

  6. I like Fuchsia…the pink pulls your eye in and the dark color at the bottom frames it at the bottom. Cerulean blue second choice. Tangerine is last choice. The color on the first row is too light and my eyes want to jump up off the quilt rather than go down and look at the colors.

    Also, not on THIS quilt, but as far as labeling, I have some gel pens (not made specifically for fabric – but if the cap comes off the top – versus a “click” type) they usually work on fabric, iron to set. Do a test first. I am writing my “codes” with these pens. You cannot see the numbers unless you look close, and there is one on paper – color copy of the colors and numbers on the squares – recipe on back of this copy and in plastic sleeve. Just a few ideas. I use the gel for the ones I want to have out for reference. Home from Indiana Sat. Sick of travel..need to finish dyeing.

  7. Of course it’s too late for my choice to have any influence especially since I am at odds with all the other comments – but I’d start with Cerulean Blue!