Snapshots from our Easter

Well, we had a pretty fun, but low key Easter.  Andrew had an early morning, with an hour drive to Palm Desert to play two church services, so it was just the boys and I in the morning. First they had to unwind the spiderweb that the Easter Bunny leaves so they could find their baskets:

If you can’t read Logan’s note, it says:

Dear Easter Bunny,

This year, please don’t do anything crazy at the front door. My Dad has an Easter gig, and he can’t be late. BUT, you can put string extremely crazy in the other rooms. Also, could you please label the string? It’s really annoying to unravel a string all the way, and find someone else’s Easter basket. And I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say thank you for what you haven’t done yet. So, thank you!

Your friend, Logan G.

P.S. My Mom wants to know what your favorite color is. So, what’s your favorite color?

The Easter Bunny replied:


Happy Easter, Love – E.B.

P.S. I ran out of string!

Once the boys had successfully wound up all the properly labelled string to their own Easter baskets, we then headed outside for an Easter Egg hunt:

That Easter Bunny sure does work hard to hide those eggs well! The night before, I put them out all over the yard and then let Stirling out before bed and darned if he didn’t find every single one of the eggs in the lawn! Awesome dog that he is, he just sniffed each one. I was able to capture a quick Instagram picture of him doing this the next morning before the hunt, and then once it was over, I gave him a big, empty plastic egg to play with.

My goodness, aren’t all 3 of my guys the cutest?

My cute big guy got home about 1 and he cooked us a delicious leg o’lamb! We had lovely weather and a nice relaxed day. It was so bizarre to have no guests for a holiday meal –  I spend some time trimming squares and working on my strata quilt, it was great!

2 Responses

  1. Thankfully the Easter Bunny skipped us this year – no stress! Phew! Think they might have liked it if he had appeared though! We just haad a good giggle about broken down RV’s with the aunties and cousins, and Easter egg hunts in Arizona, and other fun places!

  2. My Older Grandson got the idea of Easter Egg hunts very quickly this year. My MIL was astonished – he is the only two year she has ever seen who could eat a whole Easter egg and not leave any trace on his face or hands! LOL

    I bought those plastic ones for my grandsons to have a hunt at home but our house we use the chocolate version!