One Moment | He actually let me take his picture

Liam has a solo competition coming up, and he needed a “head shot” for the application. So out we went with tuxedo on top, shorts below. He usually hates pictures, but because this was part of this competition he’s been practicing for for a long time, he didn’t put up a fuss! We got the “real” shot:

And some a fun shots as well!

Liam Glendening, man of mystery!

Take that!

You talkin’ ’bout me?

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:om [one moment] meet up

7 Responses

  1. So fun! I feel like we are leading parallel lives. Liam was getting ready for all county and all state band at the same time Claire was. Now Claire is also getting ready for her solo competition. (It’s tomorrow.) Good luck Liam!

  2. Cute young man. Cute dimple too. What is it with these young men and photos! I don’t have very many photos of my son as a teenager. He hated me taking his picture.

  3. Really great shots, Candy! It’s such a relief to get good photos at this age. I may just tell my boys they need head shots for…school, football, anything to get them to sit still and smile.