A Passion for Dyeing Giveaway

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Did you know that March was National Craft Month? The folks at Interweave alerted me to the fact, and they have put together a bevy of free e-books to inspire people to get started in one of the many types of crafts they have published about over the years. Seriously, there are literally hundreds of these, check them out!

I thought I’d join in the fun and have a giveaway here to celebrate the art of creating with your hands, and to encourage people to give fabric dyeing a try! I’d like to give away a copy of my DVD, Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art, filmed and produced by the wonderful folks of Interweave. Part of the fun of creating is sharing it with a friend, so I’d love to encourage you to try dyeing with a friend after watching my DVD. For further inspiration, I’ll include a piece of my hand-dyed fabric, so you can experience for yourself the glorious color and lovely complexity you can get when you dye your own fabric!

There are 2 ways to enter the giveaway!

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me who you’d like to spend some time dyeing fabric with!
  2. Sign up for one (or many!) of my newsletters using my handy dandy form in the sidebar and leave a comment in this post telling me that you did (or if you’re already subscribed, let me know that by leaving a second comment instead!)

When does this giveaway close?

Since this is National Craft MONTH, I’ll keep it open until March 31st! Make sure when you comment to sign in with an email address you check, and I’ll notify you if you’re the winner! πŸ™‚


182 Responses

  1. I would like to introduce my MIL to dying fabric, since she’s an avid crafter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Candy, I would love to have you with me when dyeing some fabric but as that is not possible as I’m here in Sydney, I would have to say my daughter as she is very creative and has a great sense of colour.
    Thanks for your generous giveaway offer.

  3. It would be fun if you and Malka D. spent time dyeing with me! Thanks for the chance to win your DVD and some of your lovely fabric.

  4. Every time my 8yo granddaughter comes over, she wants to dye something. My knowledge is hit-or-miss — would love to have your video to expand my knowledge and, by extension, hers.

  5. I would love to spend a day with Pokey Bolton or Heather Thomas dying fabric. Both love to do it.

  6. I would like to spend sometime hand dyeing with someone with a lot of experience, because I have none.

  7. Just love to dye my own fabrics especially silks. I have now subscribed to your blog and newsletter!

  8. I have signed up for your newsletter & would love to try some dying with my good friend Fran. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. Three weeks to term break – dyeing for it lol!!!! Hubby has time off work and can look after the boys so I can go and have some fun with dyes, paint and fabric!

  10. I would love to be dying fabric in sunny california with my friend, we experimented the other day with the ice dying and it turned out so well, that my friend did another batch and even sold some of her pieces at a small art fair in our park. way to go!

  11. I would adore entering this juicy contest! I would spend time dying with my best friends Vicci and Sarge as i owe them both my life. I adore the mad costume ideas we come up with and was to see our art on our clothes now! my rat art or the man’s dark visionary craze or her amazing sense of Goth couture!

  12. I signed up for your newsletter. Would love a copy of the DVD and fabric. My small quilt group and I would love to learn to dye together. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I would love to get together with several friends and have a Dyeing party and compare results. I signed up for your monthly newsletter.

  14. I’d love to spend a day dyeing fabric with my 3 daughters and daughter in law!

  15. I’d love to spend time dying fabric with my daughter and 5 year old granddaughter (her mother has given her a great crafting start).

  16. I would share the experience with my mother in law. We share a love of crafting. I’m sure she would find the experience as fun and enlightening as I would. Would love to win this contest. ^_^

  17. Just signed up for your newsletter. I’d love to be in on a dyeing session with you and would hope one of my fiber arts group friends could join us.

  18. I’d love to do more dyeing with my friends Nan and Amy. Candy, you’re blog is great and I’m awed by allyou get done!

  19. The color in your fabric is fantastic. I have not tried dying anything in a long time. When I did, I rarely got such vibrant color…..guess I need to take one of your classes πŸ™‚

  20. This is so timely! Last night, my Art Quilting group were shown dyed fabric that a new member brought with her. I loved it, loved it, loved it! But I don’t know anything about it so I would love to win your book and fabric.
    Now, I’m going to check out which newsletter to sign up for since this is my 1st time on your blog. (found it through Quilting Arts Facebook page)

  21. I would love to learn more about dyeing fabric and then show my fellow quilters. I’ve learned so much from them that I would like to share my learned fabric dyeing techniques.

  22. Oh, so many great dyers out there…Anita Heady, Malka Dubrawsky…just to name two…other than yourself. I am joining in a dyeing class March 17 with Wendy Starm. Excited!

  23. I would want to dye with someone who knows what the heck they’re doing, since I have no idea!:) I LOVE the look of your hand-dyed fabric, though!

  24. I would love to spend time with Pokey Bolton. Imagine all you can talk about and all you can learn!

  25. I would love to share dying with my best quilting buddy so we could teach others how to do it.

  26. I would love a copy of your dvd. I am relatively new to dyeing and I am hooked.


  27. Hi Candy,
    I would love to do some dyeing with my friend Gail in California. πŸ™‚ I’m already a newsletter subscriber. I have to win fast because it will be too hot in my girlfriend’s area soon. πŸ™‚
    All the best from
    Christina in Cleveland where it was 81 today!!

  28. I would love to spend time dying with my best friend from highschool Sarah and I have subscribed to your newsletter! This sounds really fun!

  29. I would like to and HAVE spend time with my sister dying fabric. We have dyed our fibers seperately, then shared and reworked our fabric with color release, paint sticks and stamping.
    I spent several days in the spring and summer dying fabric, to use all fall and winter. I love getting the surprise of immersion dyeing and the control of batik! I love it all

  30. I love dyeing Threads and using them in my hand embroidery, and fabrics,and fibers.

  31. I would love to spend time with my daughter and learn to dye. She and I are due for another adventure. We have such fun. I did sign up for your general news letter.

  32. love hand dyed fabric and would like to learn to do it. Thanks for the chance to win

  33. Hi Candy! I just signed up for you newsletter. My friend and I have talked about trying to dye fabric since last year, but we need some advice on how it’s done and your DVD would be really helpful!

  34. I love receiving your newsletter! I just ordered a custom ipad cover from you . . . can’t wait to get it! I want to be able to die fabrics just like you!

  35. would love to dye with my mom- we have already shared sunprinting on fabric, indigo shibori and many other techniques but not this type of dyeing yet

  36. What a great giveaway! By the end of the month there will be so many comments that I won’t have a chance of winning. Dyeing with you would be great, but being in your on-line class will have to do for now!

  37. Wow, how great to have a DVD to follow, I have taken fabric dying classes and seem to have lost something in the translation..non of my fabrics have the intensity I hope for..in effect I need help.

  38. Uh, I’d like to spend some time dyeing with YOU, silly! I’m also subscribing to your newsletter.

  39. I want to dye with my grandchildren! I love to do crafts with them.
    They are 15,6,5 and 4 1/2. I am signing up for the newsletter. I like to learn in small bursts.

  40. I’ll dye with anyone who wear wear the gloves and mix the bucket. I adore the finished product–I buy it!

  41. I signed up for your newsletter. I’d love to learn more about dyeing fabric.

  42. I LOVE to dye with my 6 year old granddaughter – we started when she was about 4 months old with feet and handprints -our most recent project was tie dyed shirts for the family. She adores mixing colors and seeing the result. Every time it’s new inspiration for me. : )

  43. Would dye with my daughter and grandson. I can’t wait to get started! The fabric con this page looks very much like fabric a friend and I dyed several years ago! Thanks for the freebies!! If I can find the link, I will also sign up for the emails πŸ™‚

  44. I would love to have a dye session with my 3 daughters who are married and have recently decided that sewing is a good thing. Would love to be able to share the idea that you can dye “your own” fabric!

  45. It would be great to dye with you, but I would also like to have my friend Debbie join us. We met last year on a quilters’ bus trip and became fast friends. It would be so wonderful to learn a new technique together!!!

  46. Love to dye in the summer with quilting friends in my back yard, inspired by the colors in my garden!

  47. I signed up for your newsletter(s) yesterday. I would love to dye fabric with my mother. We cook together on the holidays — why not dye together?

  48. Have long wanted to learn to dye my own fabrics. And I’d love to learn fabric-dying with my friend Carole. We enjoy working on projects together. It would be sweet to learn a new skill together.

  49. I’d love to spend time dyeing with my sister. She lives in Arizona and I in Colorado so we just don’t get enough time to create together.

  50. I would love to dye fabric with my mother (93 years old). She has been a quilter since she was 16 and has an eye for color. Though she is slowing down with her sewing she understands some of the innovations of today can enhance your creativity. I think she would really love this.

  51. I just love doing Quilting Arts projects. And share my magazines and emails with my friends

  52. I saw an article in QA mag a while back about having a party style dyeing gathering/class. It sounded awesome and I have the perfect back yard for it. It would have to include my sister and daughter and a few quilting friends. Ooo I think I’m drooling thinking about it. πŸ˜‰

  53. I want to spend time with my sister dyeing fabric and exploring the colour wheel. Maybe I’ll glean some wisdom from your newsletter.

  54. Dear Candy,
    After viewing your DVD I would love to spend some time dying with you, but unfortunately you live so far away!

  55. i would love to dye fabric with my 4 yr old granddaughter. she has expressed an interest in “colouring fabric” as she puts it. it would be great to have her by my side. if not her, then i bet i could learn a lot from you. love the hand dyed fabrics on the ipad envelopes i saw on quilting arts tv. awesome!!

  56. I would love to dye with you; but, my Mom will always come first. Maybe the three of us could dye the fabric together.

  57. I’d like to do some dyeing with a 12-year-old grand-niece. We did some sunprinting last summer and her color sense amazed me.

  58. I would like to do a dying project with my Mom who just turned 80.
    It is something that might inspire her and see what I enjoy doing! Mom is not creative in fabrics and fibers, but has a wonderful mind and a huge warm heart, a fantastic Mother and friend.

  59. I’d like to spend more time with my sister and her daughter, we could do some fabric dyeing together, that would be probably much fun.

  60. What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to spend time dyeing fabrics with Pat, my best friend.

  61. Your fabrics are real eye-‘candy’ for quilters! Love the intensity of Hues and easy designs, fabric art is Hot! Want to come teach at our studio? We would love to dye with you! -The gals from ‘Studio Q'(a non-profit class venue).

  62. I have a long list of creative souls I’d love to spend time with (dyeiing, designing, quilting) … but I’f I had to name one (besides you), it would be Dottie Moore.

  63. I too signed up for you newsletter and looking forward to receiving them. I love fabric!!

  64. Candy, I would love love love to get your DVD and fabric. I did some snow-dying last year and was not entirely happy with the results. Will have to overdye those pieces and I think your instruction and experience will greatly help me. Would be pleased to have my daughter help me with this and get in some quality fun time with her.

  65. I subscribed and cant wait to see your ideas. I have been a textile dyer for 15 yrs.

  66. I would like to do some dyeing with my sister-in-law. We exchange birthday day presents and it’s always something quilty. How much fun would it be to do dyeing together. Thanks for the chance.

  67. I’d like to spend some time dyeing with my friend Jan, but she lives 7 hours away!

  68. Candy, I would love to receive your DVD and learn how to dye my fabrics. I love all of your creations, and I think that the main reason is that your fabric colors are so brilliant and beautiful. My daughter is an art major and produces works with such beautiful colors. I think that dying fabric together would be a great way to get her interested in fabric art. Thanks for all the inspiration I get from your website.

  69. I signed up for your newsletter. I have recently started doing eco dyeing ( India Flint’s Book) and love it. Surprises all the time.

  70. I’ve been wanting to get my friend Mel(issa) into dyeing. She has 2 small children so it won’t be easy. But it will be fun! I subscribed to the monthly newsletter.

  71. Candy, I love the richness of your dyed fabrics, and would love to spend time with you learning to dye!

    I have signed up for your newsletter, and some day, I’m going to take your online classes!

  72. Just joined your newsletter. We run a Farmers’ market and do several “expos” during the year in our town/village. Finding new “things” to share with those who visit as well as “senior” crafters is always a delight and a great way to spend an afternoon.
    thank you

  73. I have subscribed to your monthly newsletter. I will be looking forward to reading it next month.

  74. I attended a class and found it Big fun now i want to know more and do more i saw yours on the the opening menu and i want to do it too so much thank u for the oppertunity

  75. I can’t wait to try this!!! The colors are so happy!
    I signed up for your newsletter.

  76. I have wanted to try dyeing fabric for some time. My friends and I get together and dye yarn. A few of us also quilt and want to try fabric dyeing together.

  77. Hi Candy, I have just signed up for your newsletter, I have done some dyeing with a textile group I belong to called ‘Loose Threads’ and I have dyed some silk with both avocado skins and stones! A beautiful peach colour.
    Looking forward to the newsletter,


  78. I am a self taught dyer and always have much to learn. I am grateful to have been introduced to your website and newsletters and look forward to learning from you. There are lots of people I’d like to dye with but I think I’ll start with the friends I met at a quilt workshop who asked me to show them how to dye!! (AND, I really would love to win your DVD!) Sandy

  79. I’d like to dye some fabric with my 17 yo daughter to foster some Mom/Dau togetherness!

  80. Candy, I am so glad I clicked on your link from a email that I received, from Quilting Daily! Your talent and your choice of bold and beautiful colors speak to my inner soul. I just recently decided that I should give up finding a bed size quilt (that I can afford) that would make me feel inspired and joyful every time I look at it. I thought, some how I will find a way to make my own bold and bright colorful quilt myself. And today I found my inspiration! Your talent!!!!!! Even though I have never made a quilt let alone dyed my own fabric, you have inspired me to start learning! I have subscribe to your news letter and would love to get your DVD to get me going in the right direction. I would also love to share the creation process with my mother. I love getting chances to make memories of time spent with my mom that will stay with me a life time. Thanks so much for creating this giveaway to share!

  81. I signed up for the newsletter. I have never dyed anything (except whatever they made you do in grade school), but am at a place in my life where I’m trying all the things I never had time for, before. I’ve always been envolved in needlework, crafting, and sewing, now I’m branching out. Thanks for the ideas I know I’ll get with your newsletters.

  82. I would love to spend some time dyeing with my mom. Both of us could use some new fabrics! πŸ™‚

  83. I have wanted to do some dyeing for some time, but just don’t have any idea where to get started. The DVD would be great. My girls would sure join me!

  84. Would love to dye some fabrics with yourself or another experienced person. Have never done any and would really like to start.

  85. I would love to spend time dyeing fabric with my friend Rachel because she’s always into anything arty and crafty!

  86. Oh, would dearly love to dye fabric with my Sis-in-law, she is so talented when it comes to crafts/art. My life would be so empty without her.

  87. I signed up. I like your fabric its soo pretty. I did a little dying a while ago and really liked it.

  88. I signed up for your newsletter. You do such beautiful work. I plan to spend time this summer with my grandaughter dying fabric to sew into clothing for both of us.

  89. Love dyeing, textiles, color. I would be really excited about using your book to infuse my linens, cottons and wools with vibrant color.
    I would love to dye with my husband, who has a great eye for color.
    I am also signing up for your newsletter.
    So glad I found you!

  90. My daughters are into dying everything. The elder starts asking and the little one joins in. I may also be able to use some of the ideas for my daughter’s girl scout troop.

  91. Oh please enter me in your giveaway! I have been contemplating dying some fabric for some of my cross stitch projects – but I am soooo chicken that I haven’t attempted it yet! This just might be the encouragement I need πŸ˜‰

  92. I would love to dye fabric with my granddaughter who lives 100 miles from me. A weekend at the dye vat/table would be wonderful!

  93. I would dye fabrics with my friends Cathi and Linda. I know they both would like to give it a try, just like me!

  94. I have just discovered you and would love the DVD about dying. I have signed up for the newsletter. I love patchwork and long to experiment more with colour but haven’t got the courage yet to really have a go even though I bought the dyes at least 2 years ago! And it ‘s my birthday on Monday!

  95. I have just started to do some dying and can always do with plenty of help. I have signed up for your newsletter. I need to master it before I let my Grandchildren at it.

  96. I would spend time with my quilting mentor & friend, Elaine. She is teaching me about art quilting and all the different techniques like embellishing and dyeing.

  97. I’d like to spend time dyeing fabric with Jane Dunnewold to learn some of her secrets.

  98. I would love to spend time dying and sewing with my daughters but they are far away, so I guess it is just me for the meantime, so I can practice and teach them:)

    Thank you!

  99. I would love to spend some dyeing with you and Pokey. I love the effects you get with the fabrics and Pokey makes me laugh!! LOL

  100. I love dyeing fabric and threads just not very good at it, I particularly like colour and texture, so am looking forward to learning lots!!

  101. I would like to spend some time dyeing with my husband. Since he is an engineer, he approaches things from a different perspective than me, and his results are so inspiring to me. We occasionally take quilting classes together, so I see dyeing together as a natural complement to quilting together.

  102. I would love to learn to dye fabrics with my neighbor, Carla. She has just started to sew and would love to do this with me. Please pick us as we would have alot of fun. I have signed up for your news letter as I have wanted to dye fabrics for a long time but was chicken to try.

  103. Definitely want to try this with my grandchildren. They are homeschooled and art is an important part of that as is music. We do some color mastery classes when we get together so this would go perfectly with that! Thanks so much for the opportunity and have a great day

  104. I’d love to dye with my friend Linda, we always laugh so much together I only wish she lived next door instead of another country. I’m taking you online course and am enjoying it immensely.

  105. Thank you for sharing your passion – and your garden.
    I signed up for your newsletter a few months back.