Meetup | February Goals

Even with an extra day, February just flew by! My “Spring Break” is coming to an end, but I filled all the time I spent not teaching at the U of R either working on my online class or trouble shooting technology issues! (ugh!) It’s been a tough week, and you know, I don’t want to blog about my technical woes, it’ll just add to the time lost! I will say that I’m on the way to having things fixed, and all will be well!

I kept my eye on the prize and made sure to get each session for my class posted when I intended to. I’m getting lots of great feedback (you can see some student comments here) and am having so much fun!

So here’s what got done:

February Goals

Sessions 3-6 for class published  Feb 28  100%
Cindy Podcast site  Feb 28  0%
Commission iPad cover for Danny  Feb 28  0%
Commission index card holders  Feb 28 100%
New small pieces, hang in Alumni house  Mar 2  0%
Inventory and prep for taxes  Feb 28  100%
Bag for Mary (pitiful, that I am)  Feb 28  0%
Laptop bag for my new laptop  Feb 28  0%
Install and evaluate commenting plugin(s)  Feb 28  30%

Yeah, not a lot of stuff got made! I did end up buying some new video editting software (Premier Elements) and a new DSLR that shoots HD video this week (a Nikon D5100) and now have to learn how to use these enough to do what I want to do! I am staring up a learning curve and trying to not to freak out too much. The GOOD thing about buying and learning new technology when you need it RIGHT NOW is that you’ve got actual things to work on, unlike when you buy a new tool because you’ve wanted it/needed it/ have been working towards it and FINALLY you’ve earned it. For me, when I don’t have a deadline, I find that I want to learn-everything-right-now-look-at-all-the-cool-new-things-I-can-do and it ends in analysis/paralysis. (The old I finally got a new sewing machine and I don’t want to break it so I’ll just read the manual syndrome). But I’ve got this class to finish, so I’m gonna plow ahead and make the videos I need to make and hopefully learn all about my new toys along the way!

Hear’s what I’ve got to work on in March:

March Goals

Finish up Dyeing 101 (with new toys!)  March 31  0%
Cindy Podcast site  March 31  0%
Commission iPad cover for Danny  March 15  0%
Convertible tote for Kira  March 31  0%
Replenish Scarf inventory  March 31  0%
Bag for Mary (pitiful, that I am)  March 31  0%
Laptop bag for my new laptop  March 31  0%
Spread the word about Dyeing 101 on other blogs  March 31  0%

I don’t have any shows until late April, so I’m gonna not worry about them until April! 🙂

For some eye candy, I’ll share with you my first shots out of  my new camera. The only thing I did to these is make them web size. I am so excited to start learning how to use this camera!






Yes, I live in Southern California and yes, it smells divine in my backyard right now!

Interested in the meetup? Find out more here, any one is welcome to join!

6 Responses

  1. What a beautiful blue sky in your photos. I love to look at your blog to get a hit of wonderful colours and today was no exception. When you’re surrounded by snow and it’s snowing again for the fourth day in a row, spring seems a long way away.

  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough week! Congrats on your new toys and your February accomplishments 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful productive March!

  3. Sorry about a rough week. Tech issues are the hardest problems to deal with, I think. I hope they are resolved for you!

    Let me know how you like Premiere Elements. I have an older version that I never used, but would love to have an intuitive video editor. Would you have imagined just two years ago that you’d be doing videos and online classes? Awesome.

    1. Thanks Cyn!

      Premier Elements – so far I’m liking it. Is it intuitive? Not so sure about that, but at least it’s a full blown editing program that can input all sorts of different files! All these free or cheap programs can only input certain types of files, or only save in certain formats. SO MANY FREAKING FORMATS!!!!

      OK, I’m better now! 😉

      What kills me is the price – so cheap ($78 from B&H photo, $30 for me with education discount). Why I messed around with windows live movie maker for so long I’ll never know! I do know, it’s because I didn’t know premier existed. Sigh.

      The trick, that I can tell, to Premier is

      1) to know that you’ve got to go back and forth from sceneline and timeline, certain things are easier to do in sceneline and vise versa.

      2) Figure out how to expand and contract, both vertically and horizontally, in timeline, so you can really do what you need to do on a certain track (and then zoom back out so you can get the big picture).

  4. Lovely photos – I assume by now it has become “old” technology for you! 😉

    BTW, In case you’re wondering, I am finally back in the 21st century with my new ISP and am catching up on all your posts since 1 March. Look out for a deluge of comments!