Commission | A Pair of Index Card Holders

I made an index card holder for a customer a couple of years ago, and then had to make her another one last summer when she lost the first one! I got a request from another person who also organizes her life with index cards, would I make her a pair? Why yes, indeed I will!


She liked the colors that I used in the original one, and although that particular piece of multicolor fabric was gone, I dyed some more in a similar palette, it is a very nice, earthy set of colors. She told me which botanical motifs of mine she really likes and told me to do my thing! Here’s the result:

I hope she likes them! I’ve been so busy dyeing, writing, filming and photographing for my online class for the past two months, it felt really good to be sewing again!! What never ceases to amaze me is how muscle memory works! I literally have not done a stitch of sewing in over a month, and the very first thing I did was free motion that dandelion, and it looks just like I want it to!

Speaking of my online class, we are totally having a blast! I’ve got 2 more sessions to go produce, but this is a self-paced course with no expiration date, so you can register at any time and fit the dyeing in when it’s convenient for you. I’ve now got some feedback from my students and have posted some comments on the Dyeing 101 info page. I’m running a little special from now until the ides of March! You can save 20% with the coupon code “JoinUs”…it’s only good until March 15. So if you’re thinking about taking the class, I urge you to consider enrolling now so you can save 20%.

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