Dyeing to Stitch DVD Blog Tour Day 10 | Robin Ferrier of Simply Robin

Oh my goodness, we’re on the home stretch of my DVD tour. I’ve been having a wonderful time introducing you to my artistic friends that I’ve met on/through/because of the internet. Today I get to introduce Robin Ferrier who blogs at “Simply Robin”, the woman who got me started blogging! Years ago, I believe the Spring of 2008, she invited me to be part of a group blog devoted to working in a series. Although it didn’t last that long, it did provide me with a taste of blogging (and a STRONG dislike for Blogger, which is what this blog was on) and when I was ready to start my own blog (on WordPress.com) I started with the posts from that group blog to get me past beginner’s blogger’s block.

Robin is an incredible visual artist who works in all sorts of media. Although she has been most prolific as a quilter, she is also an awesome photographer, and she has begun to paint as well, and her early work looks lovely. She also has an ability to create wonderful 3-dimensional shapes with natural materials.

Look at this – a simple photograph of a quilt in progress is a work of art:

This is only outdone by the photos she takes of her finished work:

I KNOW! When I win the lottery, I want to live in a house just like Robin’s, maybe even down the street from her because she lives in Hawai’i, sigh…

She also often takes pictures of herself at work:

Look at all these photos! Beauty, beauty everywhere!

I am trying very hard not to get an inferiority complex when I contemplate her talents, those shown here are just the tip of the iceburg. She is also an incredibly kind person, who I just know is considerate and thoughtful, this is immediately apparent when you read her blog.

Her latest work is this lovely video:

my simple little quilt from Robin Ferrier on Vimeo.


I am so grateful to know Robin digitally, and I hope that a day comes that we can visit in person, over a cup of tea, and talk about color, and blogging, and our kids and….you get the drift!

But for now, head on over to Robin’s blog to enter the giveaway!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Candy, I just bought your DVD as a download from Interweave. I absolutely loved it!! You are a joy to watch. Your love of color and the dyeing process is infectious!!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us.

    1. Oh my goodness, thanks so much! This warms the cockles of my heart…If you told me 2 years ago that I would be have a DVD teaching people to dye fabric, I would have told you to jump in lake, LOL! And yet, here I am, loving every minute of it!
      TTFN – Candy