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Exactly one year ago, I wrote a post about my fear of being on camera for Quilting Arts TV. 365 days later, I again am composing my final blog post before I jump in a plane headed East to Cleveland, to film another 2 episodes of Quilting Arts TV!

This year, I am not so nervous…I know what to expect, I’ve got a clearer idea of what I’m going to do on camera, I am hoping I’ll have as much fun as I did last time.

I’ve still got lots to prep, and packing – ugh! So much to pack. But I’m excited, thrilled to be going. It’s an honor, a¬†privilege, a joy, to share what I do with like minded folk. Not only on national TV, but here, every day, on my blog. With you!

I shared my some of my deepest fears with you wonderful people last year, and your comments, they lifted me up, they blew me away, they gave me such incredible strength and energy to be myself, when it really mattered. I was/am humbled, and I am deeply grateful.

My moment? When my nervousness and fear start to bubble up, I only have to return to those comments, and receive the strength from you incredible people, to help me through the stress of filming. I have so many incredible friends I’ve created through the streaming of electrons from my keyboard to theirs, how lucky am I?
om [one moment] meet up

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

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  1. The fabric looks wonderful, you are a source of inspiration and we know you’ll do well and hopefully have as much fun or more in Cleveland. Go forth and conqueror!

  2. That is fantastic! You’ve come a long way! It’s so great to be able to look back and be reminded of your successes. And nothing beats encouraging words you get on your blog or twitter.

    Don’t forget us “little people” as you become more famous!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations! Where at in Cleveland? That’s my town [well, almost – I live about 30 miles southeast of Cleveland]

  4. Ooo, I had no idea that you are a “famous” personality in the world of quilting! And you have taken the time to answer my silly, non-quilting-related questions too! I am sorry to have bothered you and even more proud to know you through your blog.

    Good luck with the taping.

  5. I haven’t seen a picture of you before and I’m delighted to say “You are so beautiful!!!” Gorgeous eyes and hair and such nice skin! And then there is always the fabulous work you do. I understand the looking at a photo/mirror and only seeing the bad, it’s something we need to look past. Try to look at the inner soul. I’m glad you have found a forum that helps to support you and lift you up. Have a great time in Cleveland! You will do a great job!

  6. Silly me I just noticed that your photo is up in the corner and I’d never looked at it before. Sheesh, am I blind or what. I guess I’ve just always been distracted by all the beautiful fabrics and projects!

  7. It’s wonderful to have a place to visit when you need a little encouragement. I’m glad this space provides that for you! You’ll be fantastic in Cleveland.

  8. That episode is what brought me to your blog, and I’m so glad I saw it. I loved you on the show, and your blog is a treasure. Keep it up! You’re giving so much to the fiber arts community day in and day out.

  9. you are super brave! i run from every camera i see (which is why i’m usually the one behind it.) good luck with the shoot and tell us all about it! xo