Mid August Goals Checkup

August Goals

Well, with the boys back to school, I’ve now got a bit more free time to work on this list. I also have this feeling of impending doooooooom. So much to do, and of course, I too have to start teaching right after Labor day and I’ve not really even started thinking about that. And my class size has been increased! Ack!

So, it does help for me to take a look at what I have gotten accomplished:

Dye Dye DYE August 28 50%
Stepouts for QATV August 28 0%
6 more Botanical Sketch Pillows August 28 40%
Botanical Sketch Quilt August 28 0%
Convertible Totes! August 28 0%
5 Birdie Clutches October 13 10%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary Received Extension! 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira – I’ve got more thinking to do on this one Received Extension! 0%
Shaun’s Website August 29 60%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%
Janet Edwards Website August 20 95%
Lesley Downie Website RE-vamp August 20 40%
RAA Website revamp August 31 100%
Kori Kanayama Website August 20 100%

There’s a couple of special orders I’ve requested and received extensions for. If I have too many projects bouncing around in my head, they just break stuff in there! 😉

Most the the website projects are winding down, and for the most part don’t require much more work from me, which is good. The first complete one was for Kori Kanayama

She’s a consultant who works with non-profits. She wanted a clean, simple site, and I think Candied Pixels was able to do just that!

I’m headed back to the studio!



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