Tutorials Updated!

Whoo Nellie! I’m sorry if you RSS readers got like four posts from me in the past 24 hours, I’ve been re-vamping the tutorial area of my website. What is it they say about the shoe maker’s children? Well, Candied Pixels has been working hard on FIVE sites this summer and yet, I’ve not paid any attention to the fact that I’ve written over 20 tutorials, many of them as guest posts, and there’s no easy way to see them all at once!

Well, that’s changed! I’ve now got a tab for tutorials and a child tab for web design specific tutorials in the top navigation bar. The pages you get when you click on them are called “category archive” pages, which means that any post from the tutorial category shows up on that page. With the small excerpt function and featured image control I get with  Headway, (the theme framework I use to design websites), I think the pages look quite snazzy! (Is it just me? I just love how it looks, all neat and tidy, with those little preview pix hinting at the awesome content that’s one click away!)

Of course, I first had to go back and find all the posts that were tutorials and make sure they were categorized properly. And add featured images to lots of them, because that’s a new-ish wordpress function. And write a couple of introductory posts for a couple of guest tutorials. And re-create my photography light box and light tent tutorials here, because the site I wrote them for is long gone!

Anyway, it’s done, and I hope that it makes this site more useable!

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