Inspiration | Shades of Grey

I know I’ve talked before about how inspiring Jan DiCintio is. Her choice of colors is impeccable, and her patterns begin as hand-draw images, which give me that evidence of the hand that I find so important. Her newest organic fabric line is called “Shades of Grey”:

and I just LOVE it! Now – I love lots of commercial fabrics, but I choose not to use them in my work, I somehow feel that the designer’s aesthetic gets muddled up with mine (of course, home decorating is different!)

But…I’m making an exception! Not only because the fabric is so beautiful, but I think it goes extraordinarily well with my Jewel Tone hand dyes.

I had fun playing with these stacks, and really love them with the red:

and plum:

Now, what to make first? Well, I’m getting ready to go on vacation, and although I love my heavy duty messenger bags, I’m in the mood for a lighter bag that’s kinda floppy, big enough for my iPad, wallet and Droid. Maybe expandable? We’ll see…I’m gonna play. I will definitely start with my plum, because it’s what I call “Daisy Janie plum”, its a hue that I dyed after lusting after it in her “Bloom” fabric. It took me like 8 different tries to get it just right! 🙂


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  1. I have always been a sucker for grey fabrics. Fortunately for my wallet, they aren’t produced all that often! I will likely HAVE to get these though, they are exceptional!