Mid June Goals Check-in

Well, I’ve been doing a bunch of web design, and lining up all sorts of  new things to do (some of which I’m gonna not blog about…shhh). I’m feeling like I’m finally in summer mode – not really sure what day it is, loving that I don’t have to leave the house, wahoo! I’ve also got my calendar filled up a bit, which I was sort of expecting! I’ve not done much on the list, and I’ve added a bunch of items.

June Goals

5 Birdie Clutches June 29 10%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary June 29 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira – I’ve got more thinking to do on this one July 29 0%
Angie Questions June soon 0%
Shaun’s Website – on hold for the moment June 29 25%
Laine’s Website – OMG this is looking awesome – can’t wait to share! June 29 60%
Messenger Bag Pattern June 29 75%
Stepouts for Quilt Scene 2011 June 29 0%
Stitch proposal July 6 0%
Make it University & Open Studio July 29 0%
RAA Website revamp July 31 0%

I also really want to get some more art made, ironing all that fabric yesterday was really inspiring! I also have a stack of Daisy Janie’s Shades of Grey that I am mulling over! More on where that’s going later…

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