Meetup: My Goals for February

Well, January kinda flew by! But this is exactly what I expected, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

What did set me for a loop was how sick Liam, then hubby, then I got!

Sigh…we’re finally on the tail end of it, and hopefully Logan has missed most of it!

January Goals

Mystery Proposals 1/7/11 100%
Lunch bags for Mary 1/10/11 80%
New Site Design for Angie! 2/14/11 40%
Laptop messenger for Mary 1/31/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Miss Elyse 1/31/11 0%
Messenger Pattern 1/31/11 80%
Laptop messenger for Nichole 2/15/11 20%
QA In Stitches Article 2/4/11 70%
Taxes 2/28/11 80%
QA Gifts Submissions 3/1/11 0%

Those darn mystery proposals took longer than they needed to, but they were completed and sent and I feel really good about them! OH! I also spent a weekend doing the bulk of our taxes – both our family taxes as well as my business taxes! I blogged about how I do my bookeeping – it’s a bit unorthodox, but it works for me! I just got the last 2 1099’s I was waiting for today, and I’ll be ready to file as soon as the federal gov’t will have me (there’s some form Turbo Tax tells me they won’t have ready til mid February.) Now that’s an accomplishment! woot!

Along with taking Liam to lots of honor group rehearsals and concerts I also have been working on an article for Quilting Arts’ new e-mag: “In Stitches”. It’s a really cool format, where each article has slide shows and videos, so hubby was my cameraman yesterday:

It seems like I’m needing to look further and further ahead…I’ve also got exciting news coming up tomorrow on something fun that happens in May! Anyway, that means that February is all about getting myself set up for all sorts of things!

February Goals

QA In Stitches Article 2/4/11 70%
Laptop messenger for Nichole 2/15/11 20%
Lunch bags for Mary 2/10/11 80%
New Site Design for Angie! 2/14/11 40%
Messenger Pattern 2/28/11 80%
QA Gifts Submissions 3/1/11 0%
DYE SCARVES! 3/7/11 0%
Going Green Totes for Spring Shows 3/7/11 0%
Taxes 2/28/11 80%
Laptop messenger for Mary 2/28/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Miss Elyse 2/28/11 0%

Those darn messengers for Mary and Elyse…I have a bad feeling about those… 🙁

Click here to find out more about the meetup! Come join us if you like!

7 Responses

  1. I am so impressed. I love how you just move your incompletes forward to the next month, but with a percentage done, so you can see what has been achieved.

  2. Hi Candy…have a great month…so cool to have the articles for the In Stitches magazine and I can’t wait to see what you do for Angie…glad you are all on the mend as well….enjoy

  3. Sorry to hear that you and your family were ill. Glad you all are on the mend. How cool to be in In Stitches. I have been meaning to take a look at that mag. Your article will inspire me to make sure that I do it! Have a Fab February!!

  4. ooo more surprises… and wow as usual so much going on! Yay on the taxes (I am almost done with ours too!) and a wow on your list, and so what’s all this mystery? So glad everyone is not sick anymore, and hope February is fab… Can we have a vote for slowing down the time?

  5. Sorry to hear that you all have been sick. That put a crimp in my plans, too, in January. Glad to hear that you are all on the mend. It looks like you got a lot done even so. Good for you! Can’t wait to see this mystery announcement. I’ll check back later tonight to see what it is!