Color Choices: My Family Room

One of subjects I’m going to try to talk more about here on this blog is color…why I choose the colors I do, how I make them, where I get my inspirations. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do this, but color is so important important me, I realize that I should try to figure out more about how I choose what to work with!

The slipcovers on the 2 stools in the kitchen part of my family room that my boys sit on are disgusting! The original colors I used in the kitchen/ Family room were chosen from the colors of my “warm” palette: Brown, Light Shaded Green, Light Shaded Turquoise. I dyed the stool slipcovers light green years ago, which of course wasn’t the best choice, kids eating + light green = sigh, lots of washing. But at the time I was in love with the Brown/light blue/light green combo. (Of course, I didn’t take pix of all this, so sorry, it was pre-blog!)
The light colored pillows on the couch and other chairs needed replacing, so I zipped things up with some fun prints designed by Jessica Jones…I loved the designs, they added Kelly Green, Navy, Chartreuse to the palette. I needed to buy some new slipcovers from Ikea and dye them a darker color, one that won’t show stains as much. I realized that my jewels palette would be a good one to pull from – so I decided to dye the slipcover the dark teal (they’re in the washing machine right now). A quick trip into Crate and Barrel the other day I found the perfect rug (on SALE!) for in front of the back door that ties all those jewel tones together.
I hope to have some decent photos of this room all put together soon. What I thought was neat about this whole progression is that I start with one palette and end with another – in this case the light blue and the dark brown are the common denominators.

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