Looking Forward to 2011

I had a great time looking back at my goals for 2010, sometimes I get so focussed on what I’m NOT getting done, I forget to celebrate the things I do. Sigh, I will also admit that I’ve got a bit of performance anxiety writing this post/mapping out what I want to accomplish at this year. It seems like there’s no way I could repeat last year, so I’m a bit stumped. So, instead of staying stumped/blocked, I’m gonna just share my thoughts and MOVE ON!

I’ve been thinking in general terms about where I want my path as an artist to go, and I realized that I can’t do everything. (No, really, I’ve tried! I can’t!) When I chose a word of the year last year, I didn’t really understand how I would use it. But it turns out that it as really quite helpful – times when I became overwhelmed with something, I’d remind myself I want to “simplify”, and it got me moving past the overwhelming part.

Some of what I did over the past year seems to be me bouncing all over the place like a ping pong ball. A lot of this time was spent me trying to figure out the best way to market Candied Fabrics. I don’t like doing it. A lot of those efforts didn’t really lead to some big huge jump in traffic that translated into sales. I also need to remind myself that I am not a manufacturer! (Huh – I blogged about this in September, I wonder why???) I sold 300 scarves in 2010, I sold just about 300 scarves this year. Could I have made 500 scarves this year and still enjoyed myself? Probably. Could I have made 5000 scarves this year and still enjoyed myself? NO! So, it’s obvious…this year:

My Word for 2011


I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, they set me up for failure. But “inclinations” help me focus without all the baggage that comes along with resolutions. The ones I had last year are still important to my growth as an artist, thus:

My Inclinations for 2011

Create more Art!

Communicate my Art!

Long Term Artistic Goals

  1. Continue to work more in 3 dimensions.
  2. Explore the shape/idea of house/home.
  3. Continue to work with restricted color palettes. /li>

Long Term Business Goals

  1. Continue to bring in the same amount of money I earned this year with less stress!
  2. Listen to the universe – it’s telling me I should combine my love and skills for teaching science with the passion that is my art.

Long Term Blogging Goals

  1. Use my blog as a way to connect with other people. Show them why I do what I do. (Bonus, it’ll help me understand why I do what I do.)
  2. Don’t get too hung up on stats. If you blog it, they will come! 😉

Pie in the Sky Goals

  1. Get published in print…again! I’ve had such a great experience with this, I want it to continue.

Now, to get down to brass tacks! Here’s how I did on finishing up the year with a BANG!

December Goals

Dye scarves for Dec 8 Boutique show 11/8/10 95%
New series for RAA 12/4/10 100%
Make MORE  Mod Houses and turn into mobiles! 12/4/10 100%
Make pillow and write up 2 articles for “101 Patchwork” 12/6/10 100%
Newsletter announcing Featured Artist Show and Reception 12/6/10 100%
Lillyella Tutorial – BAILED 12/6/10 0%
Natalie Mega Messenger 12/15/10 100%
Lydia Kelp Habotai Scarf 12/15/10 100%
Adele Blue Notelet 12/20/10 100%
Scarves for Brian & Laura Wedding 12/20/10 100%
Custom Grab n’Go for Pete’s Wife 12/13/10 100%
Custom Scarf for Tina’s Mom 12/20/10 100%
Green Forest Krisel Ornament for Barbara 12/20/10 100%
Presents for Nieces and my Mom 12/20/10 100%
Crimson/Black Scarf for Ben 12/20/10 100%
Lunch bags for Mary 12/20/10 25%
Custom Clutch for Walt’s Wife 12/24/10 100%
Replace pieces sold in the gallery 12/27/10 90%
Mystery Proposal 12/31/10 25%

Yup, that is a heckuva lot of making that got done! Wowee, when I look at that, I even impress myself! 😉 Um, did I do a lot of holiday stuff? No, not enough. Did I take on a bit too much? Probably. Should I do a featured artist corner in the month of December again? NO!

January Goals

Mystery Proposals 1/7/11 25%
Lunch bags for Mary 1/10/11 0%
New Site Design for Angie! 2/14/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Mary 1/31/11 0%
Laptop messenger for Miss Elyse 1/31/11 0%
Messenger Pattern 1/31/11 75%
Laptop messenger for Nichole 2/15/11 0%
QA Gifts Submissions 3/1/11 0%

Umm, those darn mystery proposals need to get the heck out the door. This post has been niggling in the back of my brain for awhile, hopefully now that it’s been written I’ll be able to focus. Of course, I go back to work next week too. But I shan’t panic – I get plenty of stuff done while I’m teaching…deep breaths….

Oh NO!  A post without a picture – that will never do! Did I ever show you the pillow I sent off last month? I don’t think so…here it is:

The pattern for this is coming soon, to a magazine near you! 😉

Click here to find out more about the meetup! Come join us if you like!

6 Responses

  1. Did you ever hear the saying that James Brown was the hardest working man in show business? Maybe you get where I’m going… Have to say after my post with the short short short goals list, I breathed a little Go Candy when I saw your much abbreviated list. So here’s to focus and working smarter (when we all figure it you). Let’s go January!

  2. I love the idea of focusing on what you’ve accomplished instead of what you haven’t. (And you have accomplished so much BTW). I hope you have an awesome January fun of getting stuff done with absolutely no guilt if you don’t. Oh and here’s to you getting in print somewhere too!

  3. Because my birthday is in the middle of February, it seems like my years don’t officially transition until I get that behind me. I’ll definitely have to do a serious look back on the year like you did. Love it. Also, am loving your abbreviated to-do list. I need to pare my down, but it’s hard! Especially since I’m a detailed list person. Good luck with your goals. I know you will totally SHINE!

  4. Candy: incredible list of making…..wow….I love no. 2 under your business goals…I have found that besides the making, it is the teaching that I love the most…best of luck with all your list this month and can’t wait to see Angie’s website….she had some of your scarves at her house a while back and they are so beautiful…also her laptop bag….have a great month