Final Christmas Special Orders

I had a couple of final things to make for some local clients – a notetaker for someone who likes blue and dragonflies, and a clutch for a lovely lady who’s been admiring my clutches for months. She has one son so really liked the mother/baby on a very simliar bag – but because I knew who I was making it for, I could stitch her name on the inside!

I also made lots of Christmas presents, some of which are pictured below!

That’s my nephew Max, and my niece’s daughter Teigan.

Now, I’m hoping to check in with my year long goals tomorrow…but we JUST got offered a few days at a friend’s cabin up above Mammoth lake…with lots and lots of snow! So I may not make the retrospective post til next week…but I’ll have plenty of pix of the boys enjoying SNOW! Me – well I gotta rustle up boots and gloves and winter coats for all four of us, wish me LUCK!

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