Snapshots from Christmas Morning

I hope you had a great holiday – we sure did!

It’s just the four of us – well, of course, Stirling too! So it was a pretty low-key celebration.

I was really really busy finishing up school and last minute orders, but I somehow was able to retain memories from LAST Christmas, when I was also really busy and I didn’t have ideas for gifts for the boys. This year I planned ahead, and had at least that part of the holiday figured out!

In general, we downplayed the run up to Christmas because last year Logan got really stressed by it all and was a mess on Christmas morning. The downside of this downplaying was that I really was not the Christmas elf I usually am.

Now, would I have had the time/energy if I weren’t keeping stuff low key for Logan?

Honestly – probably not. Between my featured artist corner installations, a mid-week boutique show, finals, and lots of special orders, I was just keeping my head above water.

We did get to make cookies and I was able to make lots of cranberry and pumpkin breads to distribute to my friends at work.

I made lots of presents for family and got them shipped in time.

Liam got to play a lot at the annual Trombone Christmas (I’ve embedded a rather shaky video of him playing “We Three Kings of Brubeck Are” along with hubby, a couple of hubby’s students and one of their friends below).

We also had our annual viewing of “A Christmas Story” on Christmas eve – a very important tradition!

Well blimey, I guess we did do some holiday stuff! 🙂

Here are some pix of some favorite presents:

Here’s a beautiful new ornament I bought for our tree from local ceramic artist Shane Keena.
Stirling’s stocking had a neat new collar made by Sam from Sew Fetching, who knew that Santa shops at Etsy too? 😉My favorite present? Liam got Logan Lego Universe…the thing that he wanted but didn’t mention until like a week before Christmas, when all my shopping for him was done (there’s always something like that, right?) Liam wrapped it up in several boxes:

I  hope your holiday was splendid too!

8 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, one of the Angry Birds! I am still addicted……

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas! I wish Liam could meet my nephew. He’s a trombonist and will be graduating college this year.

  2. Oh my goodness that is so sweet! Love all the boxes and facial expression! Love the mad birdie too. Looks like a fun Christmas!

  3. 1. Merry Christmas!
    2. I’m catching up with your blog so you bee seeing lots of comments from me! haha.
    3. your boys are adorable!
    4. my youngest has the same sock monkey PJ’s!

    And last but certainly not least the pictures of Logan opening his gift from Liam and the snapshots of his reaction is just precious!

    Each year I think …wouldn’t be nice if the boys bought each other something … then I completely forget until Christmas morning rolls around and bam it hits me that I didn’t plan it. Next year hopefully I remember because I think having them give one another something is really lovely!