A Peek at My Featured Artist Exhibit

Whoa, nellie! I sorta dropped off the blog-o-sphere! Last minute art for my featured artist corner + last week of classes + holiday boutique show yesterday = NO TIME to BLOG! 🙂

Here ‘s a few shots from my featured artist exhibit at the RAA.

As you enter the front door of the gallery, the panel that greets you:

Then, in the back, there’s a corner for the featured artist:

We came up with a couple different ways of displaying my Mod Houses. 3 hanging from a branch that hubby mounted on a block:

and…a circular mobile!

I wish you all could come to the reception this Sunday!

9 Responses

  1. candy, beautiful as always. i love the large art panel. also love the houses hanging from the branches, so cool! ok, i love it all. nice work, candy!!

  2. I love your love of color..I share it with you…color is my fix…your work is delicious and gorgeous and I Looooove it..!Im sharing it all on FB..woo hoo

  3. Good luck today, Candy! Hope it’s a great reception. I do wish I could be there and see you and all your lovely creations in person.

  4. Hi, I live in MN, and I am so done with snow, you can have it, I’ll take your weather! I love the colors of your material, a refreshing change to all this white! I hope you pick me so I can show it to a group of senior quilting ladies that love learning new quilting techniques and color schemes.