One Moment: Liam the Scholar

My older son Liam is very bright. Really – just ask anyone who has ever had a conversation with him! He is very articulate, has lots of interests, reads voraciously and retains all sorts of info from all those science and history things he watches on TV. But until this year, he’s not been tuned into his teachers at school (except for fourth grade, with an incredible teacher Mr Peplow, who totally got Liam and was just the kind of awesome teacher he needed). Due dates, turning homework in period, following the rules of an assignment so he got all the points – these concepts were pretty much not in his brain up through 7th grade.

This year, he is tuned in to his teachers. He FINALLY realizes that how he does in school is going to effect what college he’ll end up going to, which ultimately has some effect on what he does in life. In 8th grade! Just in time!

He had a big research paper rough draft due today, and we all had totally forgotten totally about this big assignment during the craziness that was our Thanksgiving break. He ended up staying up to 11 PM twice this week, but he got it done. WITHOUT me hovering over him the whole time. I read it this morning and was quite amazed at what he’d put together on the Monroe Doctrine. (His choice…he wanted something interesting, not just a biography of a historical figure, which were the bulk of the choices). Seriously, the Monroe Doctrine! Who is this child? (Friends and family of my husband will tell you that Liam is very similar to Andrew growing up!)

5 pages on the Monroe Doctrine – what a moment!

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3 Responses

  1. I admit it, I’ll have to Google “Monroe Doctorine” to find out what it even is. I am impressed!
    I’m waiting for all this to click with my 8th grader!?

  2. I just saw something about the Monroe Doctrine the other night – interesting stuff! Good for him. Kids sure grow up fast!

  3. I didn’t learn that lesson until midway through my freshman year in high school. Once you get it, it makes your choices and direction so much easier. Yay Liam!