Home safe and sound

In the ER Thursday at 9:30 AM, home minus one appendix by Saturday at 3 PM. Logan wanted me to post pix of him in his new PJ’s. We’re happily ensconced in the Living room, having a Harry Potter marathon. I’m truly amazed at how fast he’s rebounded! And to be away from the hospital, with it’s incessant beeping, people coming in to take blood at 4 AM…and all the sick people…we are so glad to be home!

3 Responses

  1. There’s no place like home, especially after the hospital! I can’t believe he’s home so quick, I was in for two weeks. Of course, I was a very uncooperative patient, lol. Feel better Logan!

  2. Poor, sweet looking, Logan! Appendicitis has always frightened me, (or more accurately the fear of not realizing it’s appendicitis!) So happy to hear all went well, that you had lot’s of helpful support, and that Logan is home now, (I know what it’s like having a little one hospitalized) Such a brave boy, (and mom!!)