One Moment: Appendicitis trumps all

It’s early Friday morning, and i’ve not slept much, but for a completely differnt reason than I thought! Wednesday Logan came home from school and barfed. He also complained of stomach pain, but I thought it was the trowing up. He didn’t eat any mre than a sip or two of water, but continued retching through the night and THursday morning. A quick visit to our pediatricians at 9, and she asked us to head on over to the ER, “just in case” to rule out appendicitis. Hubby got on the airplane to Boston (he’s got a conference and we were going to join him in a day so we could spend Thanksgiving with my family) and before he landed in Logan airport (no, my Logan is not named after an airport!) a very high white blood cell count (28000 instead of the normal 10000) Logan had his appendix removed.

I’m so used to making major decisions a) with my husband and b) with time to do research and think things through. Um…yeah, not this time. Even though hubby was literally out of range through it all, I had plenty of support. Some amazing folks here in REdlands (Liz, Adele and Elyse) totally had my back, picking up Liam, bringing me a cell phone charger, lunch and diet coke. A few posts to Facebook and Twitter had lots of other in-town folk offering their help, and lots more friends from far away chiming in good wishes. I wasn’t alone, and it was amazing to feel all that support.

Logan’s surgery was short (I literally had time to eat a sandwich and call my mom). COming out of anesthesia was not easy, but after that 1st 45 mins of transition, he’s been a real trooper. In fact, after a pee at 3 AM he NEEDED to play with legos for awhile.

He’s happily had some jello and gelato, now we’re gonna work on getting him mobile. I would love for us to get home, because here’s not much sleep for either one of us here.

My Moment: sometimes the best laid plans get sidelined…and boy I’m so happy this sideline has a happy ending!

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  1. Oh Candy! I’m so glad he’s okay. Appendicitis is the worst. I’ll have to tell you about mine – when #2 was 6 months old… ugh, nursing a baby with those incisions was less than fun.

    I’m glad you had so much help. I swear, without awesome friends, what would we do!! Hoping for a quick recovery! xoxo

  2. I thought that looked like a bag full of legos. What a great sport! Can’t believe how crazy that got, but so glad it all ended well! Hope you are home soon!

  3. So glad to hear that Logan is doing OK. I guess it will be a while before he is back to blowing the trombone? But as long as you have the legos, everything is good!

    He must be happy that you didn’t name him something like Manchester International, or Chicago O’Hare?

  4. I am so thankful this happened before you were on an airplane. Now that he’s through the worst of it, it’s time for some lego therapy and a big sigh of relief. P.S. I tried to explain to Jack what his appendix were and why Logan had to have them out. Later he told Pete, “Candy’s Logan had to have his testicles removed.” LOL.

  5. So glad Logan is okay and you had so much support with hubby out of reach. Poor guy, I hope he recovers quickly and you have a wonderful holiday with family.

  6. we went thru the same thing when son #2 was just shy of 10 years old. It’s amazing we even brought him to the doctor because there was no puking– just a “feeling” we should go in.
    It’s no fun, but recovery for young kids is FAST!

  7. I’m glad you were able to get the medical attention you needed! I went through this last year with my husband–you’re never to old to have your appendix out!

  8. Oh Candy, I had no idea; I thought maybe he just had the flu. It seems that he is doing better –what a blessing that everything went alright. I can’t imagine how hard your week has been. I’m just happy to hear that everything is ok now. You all are in my thoughts.

  9. What a few days you’ve had! Logan is a trooper. Is he at all excited about his stitches or just annoyed by the whole incident? So glad his appendix didn’t rupture and that things ended on a good note. You’ve certainly been in our thoughts.

  10. Way to go, Mama Bear! Glad you had supportive local friends to lean on, but you took care of business as only a mom can.

  11. Awwwww my poor Logan!! Kendyll has been very concerned about him!! We were soooo looking forward to seeing everyone but we’re very glad he is OK!! That’s what matters. Call me when you all get home

  12. So sorry for poor Logan and for you too. It’s so hard on us parents to see our *babies* suffering. Wishes for a speedy recovery and some restful time for both of you.

  13. ACK! I had mine out in 6th grade, emergency surgery, it burst – so glad to hear Logan is doing so well and that it was caught in time!!!

  14. I love my Logan and so glad that he is recuperating. Candy, you have some really nice friends. How I wish I was near to help out. I love you all and will talk to you when you wake up. It is only 2:00 there now. Logan do you want to wear that hat forever? It might make a good Halloween costume. Love, Mema

  15. Stress!
    I’m so glad everything turned out ok, but I imagine it must have been so frightening for you. I hope he has an easy recovery!