Show Report: Art for Heaven’s Sake 2010

art show, craft fair, textile art Well, what a weekend! Thank GOODNESS for my hand dyed scarves! That’s pretty much all I sold – but I sold plenty of them (59, if you’re curious…)! My cold kept me from topping up my stock of winter palettes before the show started, so after a busy Friday night I woke up early on Saturday (6 AM) in order to get 32 scarves dyeing. I got to the show by 9 or so, and sold all day, from 10-5. Once home I had to rinse out the scarves and let them soak in hot water overnight. A final rinse in the morning and I was ironing til 10:30 (the show doesn’t start til 11:30 on Sunday). But I sold quite a few of the winter scarves, so it was worth the extra effort! 🙂

The weather Gods were with us! Friday night and Saturday were perfect weather, and Sunday, although it started with rain, for the most part it was just overcast with no actual rain until we started breaking down the tents. And plenty of people came, so PHEW! I was reasonably busy all 3 days, and although sales were off, they were much better for me and my scarves than for a lot of the folk around me. I ended up doing just a little less than last year, but my friend Lizzie had an awesome show – woohoo Liz!

Now, I’ve got 2 more making weekends before the next show. Must top up the autum color palettes and make some more bags and wallets…sigh it never ends! Here’s a few more detail pix:

I posted more pix on Flickr.

11 Responses

  1. wow!! your whole booth is just amazing. i would’ve made a beeline for it from the opposite side of the fair just to see what all those beautiful colors were about.

  2. Fabulous booth – but Candy – just the scarves sold? I’m amazed. Although I dearly love your scarves!!! Still, I would have thought other things would have sold as well. Everything you make is so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Allie! I did sell a couple of the big messenger bags, and a grouping of 3 branch & bird art quilts as well…but none of my little houses 🙁 A lot of the painters at the show were happy if they sold one piece! (Now, if the piece were $1000, then that would be happy – but a lot of the painters are more int $100 range…ugh, that’s a lotta work for not much money (when you consider the booth fee is $85 and the church takes a 20% commission!) Sigh…the economy is still in tough straits!

  3. Wow! What effort! My friend who does shows like this says he is always exhausted afterward! I am glad you sold! People do love wearable art! One of kinds are the best kinds of clothing because you know no one is ever going to show up at the party in your outfit!

  4. Glad it was successful, Candy. Your booth looks beautiful! I predict your sweet little houses will sell in the next shows when people start thinking more about the holidays.

  5. Wow, your booth looked AMAZING! And after reading your post, and the comments above, it sounds like you did great! That’s a blessing. It is hard these days, with the economy, and it’s always hard to gauge what people will and will not buy. I’m getting ready for a show right now and I feel like I’m gambling a bit. Do I spend my time making this or this? Hmmm, what will people buy, lol. Thanks for all these photos Candy. They’re just lovely! And as always, I LOVE your stuff 😉

  6. Your booth is gorgeous! the colors are luscious and playful at the same time. That pretty hard to capture, way to go. The setup is wonderful, kudos to the hubster. Congrats on selling 59 scarfs! they truly are stunning.