Mod House Ornament: Jeremiah Eck

Waaaay back when, before I’d discovered my art quilting groove and before blogging was mainstream (really, there was a time when this was so!) I used to subscribe to Fine Homebuilding, and several other shelter magazines, and dream…dream of the day that I would have the budget and time to commission a beautiful house built for me & my family. Nothing too extravagant, mind you, I’m a big fan of Sarah Susanka, artchitect and the writer of “The Not So Big House” and other books propounding the thoughtful use of design to bring functionality and beauty together. The hours, weeks, months, I must have spent pouring through this material and love love loving the shapes created by houses that are homes are I am sure what is fueling my use of this shape today in my art.

I no longer dream of the day when we can build our dream home (2 and a half years of paying mortgages on 2 houses, and paying a mortgage payment on a loan that exceeds the value of our house today has squelched that). But I still find endless joy in the simple shapes that are shelter. The tall, steep gabled roof, frequently found in the work of contemporary architect  Jeremiah Eck, is a timeless shape that never ceases to inspire me. Here’s hoping it inspires you too!

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