October Goals Meetup

Well, this month has really kicked me in the butt! I got sick this Monday and I’ve been slogging through the week. Hopefully the worst is over and I can find some energy to have a productive weekend….I’ve got 2 weekends before my 1st Fall show, Art for Heaven’s Sake. The hubby is working on new display for my scarves, he’s my hero!

September Goals

Dye scarves for fall shows 9/30/10 75%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 9/30/10 50%
Make lots of Mod Houses! 9/30/10 25%
10 Wrap Skirts 9/30/10 60%
24 Going Greeen Totes 9/30/10 25%
6 new Going Green Journals 9/30/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 9/30/10 0%
Re-tool Candied Fabrics.com 9/30/10 95%
Messenger Bag Pattern 9/30/10 75%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 10/15/10 0%
Lesley Website 9/30/10 95%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 9/30/10 50%
Sacred Laughter Website 9/15/10 100%
Article Submission 9/30/10 100%

One thing I DID get done this week as an article submission – I really had great luck with my last submissions, everyone cross your fingers this one gets accepted too!

Another awesome thing is I put out a call for people to be part of my Maker’s Must series and several folks have answered – if any of my meetup pals would like to be featured, please let me know!

I did get one of my new palettes dyed and turned into some Mod Houses, I hope I get another 2 palettes out of my head and turned into houses!

October Goals

Dye scarves for fall shows 10/15/10 75%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 10/15/10 50%
Make lots of Mod Houses! 10/15/10 25%
10 Wrap Skirts 10/15/10 60%
24 Going Greeen Totes 10/15/10 25%
6 new Going Green Journals 10/15/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 10/15/10 0%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 10/15/10 0%

Wish me luck!

13 Responses

  1. What a crazy month! It look like you powered through though. Are you planning on getting that all done in the next two weeks? What will you do for the second two weeks in October? Good luck with everything and love the little houses!

  2. oh, lordy, i need to start doing this too! nothing more eye opening than putting stark numbers to a task! if i start a list, finishing my maker’s must will go to to the top of the list! how i’d love to see an entire village of these homes – they are delightful!

  3. you will definitely be a busy person this month but it looks like you are enjoying the outcome greatly. The little houses are precious. Have a great month. I am finally delving into my website and blog redesign….its time. Thanks for those links, I looked at them and appreciate your help. Have a great month……

  4. Ok wow, as usual with your monthly lists, just wow. First hope the cold departs FAST. Love your mod houses! And have a great October Candy, hope everything goes really really smoothly for you!

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Being sick when you have so much to do pretty much sucks! Love the houses. Such a pretty picture …

    Good luck in October. See you in November!

  6. Good luck with your article! Where can we watch for it?

    Hope you’re better quickly and have fun with your fall shows.

  7. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m loving your mod houses and how they’re getting names. Also, the palette is just beautiful.

    I hope you’re feeling better and ready to tackle your upcoming shows with your usual energy and enthusiasm. Sending healing thoughts!!

  8. sending you get well wishes! I know you’ll do great at your shows, all that beautiful hand dyed fabric and color will have people drooling over your booth. great success this month, Candy!