One Moment: Crying Uncle

The summer is racing to a close, and I’ve not done a lot of the stuff I set out to do. I should NOT complain too much, we’ve done some amazing home renovations, I’m got an amazing opportunity to share my work with a TV audience, there’s just so much to do! Today when I was spending a couple of minutes seeing what was going in Twitterland, I saw an awesome twittersation going on (about focusing your camera some bizarre way which obviously is way beyond my comprehension…but so fascinating) I was overwhelmed with the sum total of all things I want to do but haven’t yet found time to do. SO what did I do? I cried UNCLE!!!!!!  And of course, because I’m me…I tweeted it!

Well, the beauty of twitter is that 3 different twitter pals came to the rescue and talked me down – a sympathetic ear does wonders.

Speaking of twitter, I’ve been unable to follow back everyone following me -> there’s a fair amount of (ahem) editting that you need to do and I’ve gotten so behind with this that I’ve sorta given up. SO if you’re following me and I’m not – just @me to say hi and I’ll follow you back! Then someday when you’re crying Uncle I can chime in and make you feel a bit better! 😉

My moment? Well there were a couple in there. First – what an amazing group of incredible women I’ve met online, they’re so incredibly supportive, I really couldn’t do what I do without them. Second – I need to keep my eye on the long term. Over 2 and a half years ago, I had a vision of dyeing a bunch of scarves for a bridal party. And I’ve finally begun that project with not one, but two different couples asking me to do this for them! SO I’ll keep on dreaming and doing…and hope that my dreams will continue to come true…at a sane speed!

I’ve started test dyeing palettes for the first couple, these scarves went off to the bride to be yesterday, and I’m most anxious to hear what she thinks!

om [one moment] meet up

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

9 Responses

  1. Isn’t it great to shout to the heavens (or on Twitter) and get support and commiseration? I just love that. And I think when you feed your creativity, as we try to do, it becomes insatiable. I find I want to try and do and test so many different things, there just simply is not enough time. That’s why we need each other… for sanity’s sake.

  2. You are a busy, busy lady! I’m thrilled for you that you have so many exciting things going on! And thank goodness for Twitter so that you can reach out to distant cyber friends for support!

  3. Oh fun! A dream come true is always something to celebrate. Yeah! I agree about being overwhelmed then finding a soft place to land among a group of wonderful women via the magical world of Twitter. Such a bizarre concept. Something totally unimaginable a few years back is so genuine and real now. Incredible.

  4. this is where being a creative is a blessing and a curse! when we get into what we’re doing, ideas blossom and expand, and the potential for what we can create/do/invent sometimes gets so huge that it devours us. i think these moments can be good, though – they push us to re-evaluate our commitments, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to slow down; we might just need to re-prioritize. and by the way, those incredibly supportive people you mentioned? you are one of those wonderful people to ME. you’re so encouraging, fun, funny, and you make cyber life a great place to be for a lot of people. please give yourself credit for that!