Ready for a Close Up!

This messenger will be getting up close and personal with the camera at Quilting Arts TV in just under 2 weeks! Of course, there are plenty of step outs who will do most of the work…and this guy slides in for the sweet shot at the end!

The people who live behind us (if they look out of their second story windows over the fence that separates us) must think I am a NUT BAR! Traipsing all around with my camera, a dressmaker’s dummy, a rocking chair…sigh…

However, I’m happy with these shots…what do you think? Is this bag ready for prime time?

I’m sharing this with my pals over at and

22 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS – absolutely ready for prime-time, ready for any time I’d say! You should wear a Viking helmet while you’re out there, and really give them something to talk about. *G*

  2. it looks perfect!

    and my motto has always been, “if the neighbors aren’t baffled, you’re not trying hard enough.”

  3. it’s absolutely wonderful, candy!! the colours are superb, of course, and i love every bit of it. you do fantastic work, and it’s easy to see that you are both passionate about your work, and ever-so-talented at the making!!
    if i saw you pulling your props around and taking photos at every angle, i’d think to myself, there’s a woman who has found her passion, and loves what she is doing. yay!

  4. I was actually planning on making my first messenger bag this week and saw the link to yours on Amy Lou Who. I doubt mine will be as awesome as yours, but it gives me motivation to start!


  5. Super cute bag! You make some darling projects. We have started a Fabric linky tuesday party we would love if you would come and participate tomorrow and regularly. Hope you see you!

  6. Just saw your Messenger Bag o QuiltingArtsTV and LOVE it. I plan to try making one. Just hope I can follow the directions as I am a visual learner.
    Your kindness is appreciated.