One Moment: Launch of the S. S. Stirling

Yes, my husband built our dog a boat! Stirling is a Sheltie – and Sheltie’s don’t like water. What they DO like to do is herd, and when their family is in the pool, they try to herd by circling around and around and around the pool. We’ve had little blow up boats from time to time as pool toys, back over a year ago the boys coaxed Stirling onto one:

He actually looked happy! This particular contraption was a bit unstable, but we found a sturdier boat and last summer he had lots of fun in it for about a month, until it popped. This year we looked and looked for another blow up boat, and actually found it on vacation. Stirling jumped right in and was a happy dog for a week – and it popped! Well, enough was enough! As you know, hubby is a handy man, he’s built a couple of wooden boats before, and he longs for the time to do more of that (as well as more fishing in them). So he was happy to stop building bookcases for the playroom and build Stirling a boat instead!

Here’s Stirling in his maiden voyage on the S.S. Stirling!

So, I’ve been a ball of stress this week, and needed to remember that my problems are GOOD problems to have, and whenever I want, I can jump in a pool and have my happy dog keep me company!

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8 Responses

  1. Stirling does look happy! Making our dogs happy is such a special moment. They give us so much everyday, it’s great to pay them back in an extraordinary way. Nice job, Glendening Family!

  2. Omg, that is soooo awesome! I’ll have to commission your husband to make Sophie one when we get a pool.

    Even my 13yo said it was cool. That’s pretty expressive for him!

    Nice to hear your voice!

  3. Hahahahaha….Kendyll got the biggest kick out of this!!! Andrew never ceases to amaze me!!

  4. This is AMAZING – what a fabulous little ship! Your hubby could have a whole new cottage industry going, making these – love it!