Candied Fabrics in China!

Do you remember this custom messenger bag I made? It was customized for Anita, who wanted the ultimate international travel bag.

She recently returned and I received this picture from a friend who was on the same tour with Anita (strangely small world we live in sometimes…) It was taken at Jiuzhaigou, which made me google and just ooh and ahh over all the incredible natural beauty from there; click here for a google image search after you’re done reading this post, if not you’ll get distracted and never return! 😉

Jiuzhigou reminds me of all the incredible “thermal features” we found in Yellowstone, and that link reminds me of 7 things I’d like to add to my to do list – AHH!

Anita looks incredibly happy, I can’t wait to hear about the trip!

4 Responses

  1. Wow!!!! How fantastic to see where the travelling bag is going. Maybe Anita wouldn’t mind sending a picture of the bag and tell you which country it has visited. Could be fun.