My Latest Commissioned Art: Mood Drops Mobile

My next commission was a collaboration with my younger son Logan, who just had his last day of school!

A couple of months ago, I was making a 3-d bird, and I had first chosen green wings but didn’t like them, so I had a few wing shapes hanging around my studio. Logan came in and honed right in on them, talking about how much they looked like raindrops.

Because Mommy spends so much time sewing, Logan occasionally gets my attention by making something with me (remember Blueberry the Bear last summer)?

He latched onto those drop shapes and wouldn’t let go, and somehow we started talking about how he could sew a face on them and then make the raindrop. This led to a discussion of what expression should be on a green raindrop face – he decided this was a sour color, so a sour face! He stitched his green sour faced rain drop that day, and it sat on my desk for quite awhile.

At some point we had a discussion of a whole rainbow of raindrops and we decided they would make a great mobile if they were hung from a cloud.

As the end of school approached, I started thinking about what to make his teacher, Mrs. Adama. She’s a great customer, (here’s the clutch she commissioned from me last May) and one of her Mom’s from last year also got her something from me, so she has lots and lots of Everyday Art…what to make her? Well, something brand new, of course…and how perfect to make her something that was Logan’s idea!

So earlier this week, I printed out some raindrop shapes for him to figure out the expressions for the ROYGBIV drops. After making the individual drops, he helped decide what order they should go in – using a story to explain which came first, etc…

Of course, I didn’t start on this until yesterday, so the only photography opportunity was this very gray morning at 7AM, so I did not get great pix. Be that as it may, I’m still very happy with it. When I showed it to Logan,  he was said “it’s just like I drew, only nicer”.  I asked him what to call it, he said “Mood Mobile”, I wanted to get the rain drops in there somehow, so we comprimised with “Mood Drops Mobile”

We brought it to Mrs. A. this morning, and she liked it! Thanks Mrs. A, it’s been awesome having you teach not one, but both of my boys!

What do you think, should I make some more? (not this week….sometime in the future!)

This is my one moment of the week, realizing what fun it is to collaborate with my wee one.

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11 Responses

  1. awesome. i love the look of pride on his happy face 🙂 my son + i have plans on turning one of his drawings into a plushie this summer. i cannot wait! well done candy. enjoy your summer-vacation-start!!

  2. Candy…so, so cute. Your son looks so happy ans so cute! I adore your work. This twitter thing is working very well. I just saw your response to a tweet and i FOUND YOU. Love your work, the colors the projects, your web page. Rest assure that I WILL FOLLOW YOU!!! ^_^
    Have a wonderful weekend and “ENJOY THE RIDE”

    Elizabeth GLZ

  3. I love it! What a fun project to do with a kid! My fiance has an 8 year old (almost) and I am constantly trying to think of easy projects for her – as her patience doesn’t stretch very far!

  4. That is the cutest mobile ever!!! I love it! What a wonderful way to involve him in your work, encourage his own creativity, and work on a special gift for his teacher. My favorite part is the look on his face with his teacher!

    You could add those to your products, Candy. Of course, you may need to license the rights from your son.

  5. I love the look on his face when he’s with his teacher:) As a former teacher, this would be a gift I’d keep and use as classroom decor. Great project!