Empowering Indie Biz Owners to Think BIG

Scoutie Girl Tara Gentile has been ALL OVER the internet lately. She is such a dynamo, her energy is infectious, and she is bound and determined to make us independent artists successful!

First, she wrote an open letter to Oprah yesterday, asking her to shine some light on the creative thinkers, makers, and designers of the indie craft & design movement. What an awesome idea…and I’ll bet if anyone can get the attention of Oprah, it’s Tara!

Bridget of Perideau Designs asked Tara how she gets it all done, here’s Tara’s answer, video style! Tara and I have a lot in common – what’s neat is that she talks about working til your burned out as being a good thing! (It’ll make sense when you hear her say it).

Tara also released her latest e-book today: Storytelling for Creative Biz Success. I’ve had a quick read through it and I’m totally jazzed – she’s really come up with some awesome examples to describe her points about how to use personal details to make your products shine! The book also has some exercises to help you focus…it’s a fun read, I can’t wait to put some of her tips into action! (and yes, that’s an affiliate link).

And finally, a couple of days ago, blogger was down for over half a day, and folks were griping about it on twitter. I tweeted that it sounded like there were a bunch of folks ready to migrate to wordpress, and as sometimes happens on twitter, a quick tweetersation took place between many folks who were interested in switching but were baffled as to how to start! Well, Tara stepped up to the plate and has scheduled a video chat to cover that very subject:

Today, Thursday June 10 @ 7:30 EST

A basic video Q&A about installing WordPress, adding a theme, transferring a blog (specifically Blogger), and adding a bit of functionality & fun. Click here for the details. The funnest part of all, I’ll be helping out, along with Justine, from Justine Smith Media!

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  1. Haven’t jumped to all the links yet but I will because you sound so totally thrilled by it.

    Don’t think blogger will be too thrilled!!!!

    Have a lovely day.