June Goals Meetup

Hooray! School’s out for SUMMER! I’ve had a tough time of it this Spring, with the stress and upheaval that’s been happening at my university. The end result is that some professors retired earlier, some left for new ventures, and 12 non-tenure track folk have been told that their contracts (which are either 1,2, or 3 years, depending upon where they are in the review cycle) will not be renewed…it’s a bit gentler than being fired, but at the same time it is being fired, if you get my drift. It means that they have 1, 2 or possibly 3 job cycles to find a new gig. We all again do not get a raise (except for the raise in insurance premiums we have to pay, so it’s actually a bit of a decrease), so the bits of money that Candied Fabrics brings in become all the more important to my family.

SO, let’s take a look at how I did:

May Goals
Going Green Journals 5/7/10 100%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 5/7/10 100%
5 new convertible clutches 5/7/10 100%
30 Going Green Totes for Merle 5/16/10 100%
Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/20/10 100%
RAA Newsletter 5/12/10 100%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 5/31/10 0%
Travel bag for Catherine 5/31/10 0%
Bag for Julie Cary’s mom 5/31/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial (poor little ignored thing!) 5/31/10 0%
Artists for a Cause Website 6/10/10 75%

I didn’t get any to more of my commission bags – it takes a certain kind of energy to get those started, especially the completely custom flute messenger bag – I’ve gotta redo all the measurements for that one. What I did get started on is part of my plan to “take over the world” 😉 I’ve really enjoyed having the control I have with my site being a self-hosted wordpress site, and totally understand how stymied folks can be at the beginning of trying to figure out how to have a website, so I’ve decided to start designing and hosting websites for some local folk who need this kind of help. If I still love website design at the end of the ones I’ve got planned, I may go on and offer my help to other folks. Am I gonna stop making my art? NO! But I love the powerful feeling of making sites go, and having projects to work on allow me to more fully understand this whole magical universe that is the interwebs.

So it begins. I know that many folks who read my lists get a bit stressed out, or scratch their heads, or think I’m a nutbar. But after living with myself for 44 years (!) I’ve learned that if left to my own devices, I start to freak out if I don’t have things to DO lined up (hubby calls it the “it’s Friday night, oh NO the weekend’s over” syndrome). Vacation for me = a cleanish house with time to make, and lots of ideas of things to make! In the past, I’ve come upon some free time and freaked out because I didn’t know what to do with it, so these lists help with that immensely. I’ve gotta have a big plan for the entire summer, and then fill in the deets on my lists.

Things to accomplish this summer:


  • Commission Bags
  • 5-10 Simply Beautiful Fabric Totes
  • 5 each S/M/L totes
  • 5 each of Messengers
  • 5 each of clutches/grab n’go’s
  • Seasonal Trees
  • Mod house ornaments
  • House inspired 2-d art quilts
  • 3-d Birdhouses
  • 3-d Rowhouses

Computer Work

  • Sites for: AFC, RAA, Liz, Lesley, Vicki
  • Simply Beautiful Fabric Totes pattern
  • Totes of many pockets pattern
  • Messenger bag pattern
  • Small bags pattern
  • RE-vamp CandiedFabrics.com

Home Dec

  • Blinds in Dining and family rooms
  • Frame and hang all my art I’ve been buying from fabulous artists!
  • New curtains for bedroom
  • Chaise quilt for me & Stirling
  • Clean, purge, reorganize boys rooms

Summer fun

  • Vacation in the Sierras! Woot!
  • Movie inspired dinner parties
  • Come down out of my studio!

Also, somewhere in there I’ve got come up with a couple of new ideas to submit to magazines…I wanna keep on that roll! I do worry a bit that I’ve got so much stuff planned that I won’t have time for new art to emerge…but I think that the making is what inspires me and sends me off in new directions, so I just have to be open to that muse as I’m making!

I am gonna take some time away from making, my hubby found a very “rustic” cabin for us to rent from June 20-26, (it’s better than camping…and Stirling can come, bonus!). Before we leave I’ve got to switch to a smart phone with email so I don’t have to be out of touch…that is so NOT a vacation to me! (Probably some form of Android – suggestions welcomed!) Here’s what I’m hoping to get done before we head off:

June Goals
RAA Newsletter 6/9/10 0%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 6/9/10 0%
Anita’s Vacation Messenger 6/17/10 0%
Bag for Julie Cary’s mom 6/20/10 0%
Computer Bag for Angie 6/20/10 0%
Notetaker for Christeen 6/20/10 0%
Messenger Bag Pattern 6/20/10 0%
Artists for a Cause Website 6/10/10 75%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 6/20/10 0%
Lesley Website 6/20/10 0%
RAA Website 7/31/10 0%

I’m so stoked to get started! Here’s a picture all my wee house ornaments – they’re off being photographed by a professional photographer – pattern and article to come out in Quilting Arts Gifts next Fall!

mid century modern houses ornaments

20 Responses

  1. So much excitement for you. Hooray! You are a “nutbar”, but that’s why we love you. I’ve been LOVING your houses over the last week. I’m excited to see how they look in print. I’m also stoked to see my name on that to do list. So excited! Here’s to a great June!

  2. Congrats on all you got done in May – it looks like you are really on a roll 😉 Have a great June and a great vacation!

  3. WOW, I’m overwhelmed by your summer goals! But you’ve inspired me to think about summer goals and get my too do list done today! Now I’m exhausted for you! What’s great is that you’ll get most of it done. Go girl!

  4. I’m always inspired by your goals! You get so much done, that you impress me. I’m a big believer in lists when I’m trying to get something done, too. Maybe in July, I’ll join the meet-up! I need something to keep me on track.

    Can’t wait to see how your new venture unfolds. I may be asking you for advice myself!


  5. YOU my dear are a power house, that’s all I’m sayin’… have FUn in the Sierras (and maybe skip the smartphone and really be on vacation) and other than that good luck with all your work… and yay on keeping the publication thing rolling, awesome Candy!

  6. Yeah You! This is fabulous. I use wordpress for my blog too. I am planning upgrades and enhancements once my July show is done. It is nice to be in the driver’s seat isn’t it. Wishing you much success for the summer. Deborah

  7. Awesome list of goals. My daughter saw your little houses while I was reading and said she loved them.
    Would love to know your opinion on word press vs. Typepad. I am beginning the process of researching blogs and websites as my Mac website and blog are already limiting me. Have a great month.

  8. Wow…you are doing great. Love your houses they are so colorful. I’d love to hear about your artists for a cause website, sounds like a very worthy thing. Good luck with you summer goals, you make me want a bigger goal list( well maybe not 🙂

  9. I like the extra added list for summer goals. I should definitely make one for myself & post it on my blog. I also want to get a smart phone this month as well. I have the blackberry pearl but it’s so small that I can never look at websites. I’m patiently waiting for the new iPhone that should be coming out next week. But I’ve heard good reviews about the Android as well. I hope everything works out this month. Good luck!

  10. Woohoo! I’m on your list! Can’t wait!
    I have a plain old regular droid phone and like it a lot, there are a couple of newer droids (the HTC Incredible and one other) but afaik they don’t have a keyboard and I really like the keyboard on mine. I can tell you more about the phone if you want, just email me 🙂

  11. Now see, a list [especially like yours] shuts me down totally. I get truly overwhelmed. Love your house. A rustic cabin sounds nice, no suggestions for the phone but I’m sure you’ll find something!

  12. I just got a droid incredible – Verizon. It’s been great. The only drawback is the battery just barely lasts all day, but it’s worth it for all the cool things it does AND there’s lots of apps. The onscreen keyboard takes a bit of getting used to – but three weeks in it’s getting easier. Have fun!

  13. Angie’s comment about your nutbar status is exactly what I was thinking! I have no doubt that you’re going to take over the world someday and how colorful will THAT will be. Can’t wait…

    I’ll keep up-to-date on your interwebs adventures. It’s one of my expansion goals for the future, so I’m interested to follow your journey. And a smart phone! Can’t wait to see what you get 🙂 Woot!

  14. You are a “nutbar” haha but I love it! I took one look at this list the other day and had to save it for later 😉 There is so much going on. Great idea planning for the whole summer! I always have lists and even if it doesn’t all happen it is there in black and white for when the mood inspires. The house are adorable, congrats on the mag article … Good luck on the website work and have a wonderful vacation in June!!!

  15. I love those little houses! Have a wonderful vacation, and I love that you started with summer goals and then broke it down to what you hope to accomplish in June. Best wishes to you in achieving them!

  16. Wow, you are a busy and very orginized bee!
    You are an inspiration with your focus and drive to work through such a list. I need lists too or else I wander off course and get very little done.

    You houses are beautiful!