Final New House in my Neighborhood

I have reveled in the fact that I’ve been able to show something new on the blog everyday this week as I’m winding down the school year! Next week summer vacation starts in earnest, I can’t wait to put together all the stuff I’d like to get done! For now, here’s my last house, it’s the new design:

The other houses pix:

The houses are all being photographed for their magazine debut! I do have a few group shots I snapped before the got sent off, I’ll share those next week. But for now, I’ve got some planning to do! Have a great weekend!

15 Responses

  1. My favorite thing is the red window. Amazing as usual! Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  2. I think I love this one best – I think, lol! Ah summer – are you going to take it down a notch, Candy? Have some veggie time?

  3. you should call this a SLED roof! can you imagine how much fun it would be to careen down the side of this one? another set of beauties!