May Goals Meetup

Well, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to, but I did have 3 successful shows! I also got my 1st article in way before the deadline – which felt awesome!

April Goals
Branch & Bird Article
4/23/10 100%
RAA Newsletter 4/12/10 100%
My Spring newsletter 4/12/10 100%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 4/17/10 60%
5 new convertible clutches 4/31/10 60%
6 Freshly Picked outfits 4/17/10 100%
Going Green Journals 4/17/10 55%
Pocketin Boards! 4/24/10 100%
Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/20/10 0%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 4/30/10 0%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 4/30/10 100%
Little Wallet Tutorial (at least take the pix!) 4/30/10 0%

I’ve got a couple of hard deadlines I must meet (marked in red), and I also have a 2 day show this weekend. Oh, and the craziest month of teaching starts today today (a whole class in 3 and a half weeks, we’ll meet 4 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week!). So, I’ve told a couple of folks waiting for commission bags that they’ve gotta wait some more 🙁 but I have got to keep myself sane! The carrot at the end of the stick? Summer vacation!!!! I’ve got SO MUCH I want to get done this summer, I can’t WAIT to start….but wait I shall!

So my short term goal is to get those journals, wallets and clutches done for the show. And then, I’ve got a big customer order of Going Green Totes that has to get done, and mh Mod House Ornaments article. After that, well it’s on to some commission bags and I start dreaming about what I want to do over the summer.

April Goals
Going Green Journals 5/7/10 55%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 5/7/10 60%
5 new convertible clutches 5/7/10 60%
30 Going Green Totes for Merle 5/16/10 0%
Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/20/10 0%
RAA Newsletter 5/12/10 0%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 5/31/10 0%
Travel bag for Catherine 5/31/10 0%
Bag for Julie Cary’s mom 5/31/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial (poor little ignored thing!) 5/31/10 0%

Also, just a reminder, I’ll be giving away a pocketin board one week from today, go here to enter if you haven’t already! And because I need a picture or two, here’s another of my booth from last weekend:

14 Responses

  1. I think you’re weathering this very busy time with grace! And accomplishing a great deal of “work” in the process.

    I wish I could go to one of your shows. Every time I see a photo of one of your booths, I want to be there 🙂
    Good luck this month, Candy!

  2. My goal in April was to joing this great meet up for May. Failed! Gonna have to reinstate that goal.

    I love seeing your accomplishments! I know you’ll plow through what you have to this month. Hopefully, you’ll feel like you’ve been able to cross off a few extras along the way.

  3. You are such a great role model! I am still unfocused, but I think I am less unfocused than I used to be. LOL!

  4. Love you set up under the tent for shows 🙂 I can’t wait till I get the tent I’m borrowing and start playing with displays for it!

    You usually have such a huge list I’m always impressed with how much you accomplish 🙂 Good luck in May, ps. I love the pocketin boards 🙂

  5. Wow! I wanna be you. You are just smashing down your goals. Me…I’m just starting really going at this business thing so watching all of you go for it is great for my brain. Thanks and good luck this month getting even more done.

  6. you are so good about blasting through those goals! well, don’t visit me today – you might be tempted to stray!

  7. Congrats on the successful shows, your booth looks beautiful! I just want to know where the bird houses went off to, cuz I don’t see them on the list anymore… I hope I didn’t miss them… : ) Have a great month Candy and good luck with ALL your list!

  8. You can do it Candy – you always get more done than anyone else I know. I always wanted to be a teacher, but looking back, I think it was because of summers off, not for any driving desire to teach!

  9. I have one question: When do you sleep? You are so ambitious and professional and creative. I think you may have some super-human powers 🙂

  10. wow, great job for april. i love how you keep track of everything – makes it so easy to stay focused & aware of what’s next! good luck for may 🙂

  11. The spring and summer terms at my college were about 2 months long, but I had one wonderful botany class–no, 2, that were 3 days a week, 4 hours/day, in May. Both classes involved field trips almost every day plus a weekend camping trip. So. Much. Fun.

    I love reading about your goals, thanks so much for sharing this part of your process.

  12. I love seeing your booth shot!

    I really like how you keep track of percentages too.. what a great idea! Good luck with everything you’ve got going on this month – I hope it’s going well for you.