One Moment: Getting to know my students

We’ve just finished up our Spring semester here at the University of Redlands (we have what’s called May Term starting next monday for 3 and a half crazy weeks). Things have been incredible stressful at the University (some professors are going to be cut), and I was extremely glad to see this semester over. As I was working through my final grades, I stopped and noticed that those 32 names (I teach 2 lab/lecture classes each semester with 16 students in each) on my grade sheet had become 32 individuals whom I’ve grown to know and enjoy this semester. I have quite a problem remembering names, it’s one of my things, but it was neat to stop and spend a moment realizing that spending so much time with these folks, (who don’t want to take a science class, and usually have put it off til the last second) I now know who they are – not only their name, but a bit about their lives. And I’m glad to have been part of it.

Here’s a picture from the final poster session from one of my classes:

om [one moment] meet upalamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

4 Responses

  1. Looks like a great group of students! Your effort in getting to know them will result in better learning. They’ll look back and remember you fondly!

    Would it surprise you to learn that my name retention skills are horrible. I blame it on parenthood.

  2. Lovely post ! It’s wonderful when there is a “link” between teacher and students, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable.

  3. I love that connection between teacher and student. How satisfying to look at those names and know you’ve had a part in enriching their lives, just as they’ve made an impact on you.