It never rains, but it pours! MORE good news!

I got something really awesome in my email in-box Monday afternoon, and it was a total surprise: A final proof of an article I wrote about my studio, to be published in the Summer issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios. I had submitted a couple of pix and a quick description to them last Fall, and they sent me guidelines for the article and picture specifications late last year. I wrote up a description and took the nicest photos I could and sent them off in late January. I hadn’t received anything back from them until today, when ta-DAH! 5 pages of Candied Fabrics studio laid out for me (and soon the whole world) to see! Combine this with Quilting Arts asking me to write the 2 articles I proposed on Friday and I’m totally jazzed!

Lisa Call just wrote about how having too much of her unfinished work on her design walls, along with piles of fabric from recent finished work was draining her creative strength. Cleaning it all up and putting it away got her back on track (and, funnily enough, she dove back in and finished a few UFO’s!). I think that I have a lot in common with Lisa, in regards to how environment affects the ability to make. Although I don’t have the space for the white walls that she does, I do know that replacing mirrored closet doors with white curtains had a huge effect on how I felt when walking into the studio…with everything neat and tidy, I feel the energy just radiating from the calmness.

I am truly blessed to have the space that I do, and beyond the built in desk that was there when we bought the house, just about everything was either built or installed by me and my husband, or were very cheap things found at big box stores, so please know that you don’t have to have a big budget to make an awesome studio – just the willpower and some handiness!

9 Responses

  1. Yeah… congratulations. You so deserve it because you work so hard at your art which is lovely. I look forward to seeing the final spread in the magazine.

  2. Yay! Now there are going to be so many other people like me that have a crush on your studio. Congratulations again, Ms. Thing!

  3. Woohoo – congratulations!!!!!!! I too feel more productive in a calm, clean environment – but by the time I find everything I need, it’s no longer calm or clean, lol!

  4. Awesome!!! Congrats on your studio acceptance and articles. What fun! I can hardly wait for my own studio makeover (hubby is building new cabinets for me). I sure do enjoy your posts!

  5. Your work is absolutely AMAZING!!! The colors, the compositions. I am just in awe! I am partial to the house forms, and it is so wonderful to see them in your artwork. wow.