Inspiration: Jennifer Squires

Are you familiar with the work of the photographer Jennifer Squires? She’s a fellow artist over at Art Wall Online whose work is peaceful & still. SHe works with a very subdued color palette and natural images that are so much more than yet another outdoor scene. Katie Stephenson described Jennifer’s work perfectly in her interview as “quiet simplicity”.

I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s blog, she does a great job of featuring other photographers work, and she creates a fantastic free downloadable computer wallpaper each month. She also has a shop in Etsy. I’m a lucky duck, once again, last month she was looking for people to send a review copy of her newest photograph to – and she chose me! So I now own my very own Jennifer Squires, this beautiful photograph called “Elviage Pearl”:

There is an incredibly subtle horizon line that I don’t truly see on my monitor, but is perfectly just barely there in the print itself. There is a subtle shimmer to the whole print that keeps this work from being just a stark black and white print. My frequent readers know how much I struggle with photography – what Jennifer does with a camera is so much more than photography – I don’t even bother to ever wonder if I could ever take a photo like that – this is her art, and I’m so glad she’s shared some with me. Thank you Jennifer!

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