Completed: MY Messenger Laptop Bag

And it’s for ME!

More than a month after I got a new laptop for Christmas, I’ve finally made a bag that will carry it and all my other stuff around!  The laptop is quite small and light, just a step above a netbook, and my hope is that now that I have the PROPER bag to carry it around in, I will carry it with me everywhere, and find odd minutes here and there to catch up on blog reading (and writing!).

I’ve got a pocket for everything, and tried out a couple of new things like: hiding a smaller pocket inside a larger one, (because I wanted pens accessible on the front but because the bag is so tall, a pocket short enough for a pen would look out of proportion, so I hid it behind a larger front panel pocket) and pockets around all four sides of the interior of the bag.

I LOVE it and can’t wait to start carrying it around!

I’m so in love with this bag, I’m tooting my horn all over the net, including:


31 Responses

  1. The fabric, the drawing, all go together to make an attractive bag. But what always stuns me is how thoughtful you are about the details and the practicality of an object that you make. You make things that people can live with for along time, and still enjoy. That’s real beauty.

  2. Love the bag, beautiful work and fun colors. I love pockets in my bags.
    Now I need to learn to make them and how to use my machine, would love to make custom bags that I can use.


  3. Great bag! I still need to make one for my laptop. But, of course, mine’s not the dainty kind. It’s the industrial-strength version! Old eyes need bigger screens, you know!

    Love the embroidery. You must have these pictures in your head to be able to do them so (apparently) effortlessly. A tutorial of some kind for a similar (wouldn’t want to infringe on your business) bag would be nice…………..see my ingenuious smile…..8-)


  4. i love this bag. i love the bottle pocket, the key fob, and the pockets with all the pen holders. Most of all I love the bright colors and the beautiful stitching. is that corderoy that you used for the back and strap?

  5. Your laptop bag is fabulous. The colours, the practicality…I look forward to your tutorial. (no need to reply, I get your blog updates via “Feed My Inbox”). Sue

  6. tutorials would be great! I’d love to hear about your hardware sources.

    on the other hand… this would make a wonderful pattern for you to sell, also.

  7. I can see why you want to share–this is fabulous! What great details–very thoughtful on your part. (I don’t usually get past the thinking part of it 🙂

  8. Love the bag, I got a new computer and want to make myself a new bag. Good Ideas. I need lots of pockets for my cords and accessories. Bottle pocket is genuis I have mine cliped on the side of my bag and it bangs around everywhere.